SavageFactions // The Ultimate Factions Experience // Abandoned. 2.5-RC-9

A new era of Competitive Factions.

  1. ProSavage
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    This resource is now abandoned due to me working on remaking factions from scratch.
    I am remaking the resource from scratch but simply do not have the time to maintain two factions plugins.

    Please wait patiently.

    You can join our discord if you would like to follow development on the new plugin.

    What this means for you as a server owner:
    Nothing really, I will still be fixing critical bugs but not adding anything new.
    I have already been working on the remake for a month as of today.
    The new plugin will feature automatic conversion.

    The new plugin will be called FactionsX.
    It will be aiming to fix a lot of the issues we have in this version,
    this means things like a much more readable lang file, and a plugin built to be flexible.

      • Customizable Role Ladder, so you can have 15 roles for faction members on your server
      • Much better faction access handling, opening up possibilities to allow whitelisting players who are NOT members of your faction to specific chunks etc.
      • Super customizable GUIs with support to change layout, custom command items, row size, and more.
      • A POWERFUL faction missions engine which allows creating virtualy any quest you can dream of.
      • More cool shit I think of.

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Recent Reviews

  1. thejuanvisu
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    It is not a bad plugin but i found a lot of bugs and no fixes, the documentation could be better, commands like the /f upgrade dont do anything lots of errors that make nonsense, etc...
  2. Emibergo02
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    ALL LINKS are corrupted. Where can i find a wiki?.
    Please fix github link too.
    Thank you
  3. bajansam
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    Hands down the best Factions plugin I have used. Really helpful staff in the discord too. I highly recommend using this plugin for any factions server. SO MANY FEATURES
  4. Beadle
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    awesome plugin, the best factions plugin there is. its cool bc you have so many features
  5. dinoboss2001
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    creo que apoyo su decision de crear factions x un saludo como siempre prosavage siempre me ayudaste en discord bro oque nunca sabias quien era ni me conosias de nada eso vale mucho como dev y como persona asi que gracias el "plugin ahora mismo dice que no funciona si no quieren errores en su sv no lo instalen busquen un remplazo por mientras."
  6. YoyoPooper
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    Trash, completely broke my server
    It didnt even give me a warning of a auto update it just did and it ruined my hole server
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      I think you should find something better to do tbh.
  7. chippledipple
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    Devs pushed an update that would delete all factions data after a server restart. Lost all of my players data and the only solution they offered me was to download the fixed version. Full of bugs, horrible documentation, bad support. Just use FactionsUUID
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      I havent talked to anyone with that problem in the last few days.
      Please do not lie lol.
      The recent updates do not even touch the storage, theyre code changes to GUI rendering.
      If you want to reccomend another factions plugin, do that, but dont lie.
  8. kocy
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    A huge middle-finger to whose who use this plugin for whole year and it keeps broken every updates. Immature dev.

    - Please use SaberFaction-
  9. noobcrafter
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    Don't add to a free plugin premium features. If you want to put it as premium just reupload it as premium...
  10. MrKebab
    Version: 2.5-RC-9
    good plugin gtgtgtgtegtegegewgetwgetgegetwgetgetgetvwgtegwevtwgvewgewgvewgvegvegvrvgrevgr