SavageFactions - The Ultimate Factions Plugin - 1.7-1.13 1.6-RC

A new era of Competitive Factions.

  1. Lots of fixes!

  2. Conf.json now editable without server shutdown

    Hey Everyone,

    Conf.json is now editable without shutdown of the server, like any config.yml. Also the /f chest title bug was fixed.

  3. Disband Exploit fixed part 2.

    Hey everyone,

    I highly reccomend anyone on a production server to update to this version.
  4. Skript Support

  5. Another production ready!

    So I fixed a disband exploit & I also think the autocomplete is now fixed.
  6. Fixed the tab autocomplete issue once and for all.

    Hello everyone,

    I have fixed the autocomplete issue for /f commands, it should now work on 1.7-1.13, and should not matter if you are in a faction or not in one.
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  7. Automcomplete spam fix

    We made a few optimizations and have a temporary fix for the autocomplete spam.
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  8. Auto tab complete, more bug fixes!

    commit d510e7ba50fdd0a0e5e1be5838bc5dc764b5127e (HEAD -> 1.6.x)
    Author: ProSavage <[email protected]>
    Date: Sat Dec 8 20:35:26 2018 -0600

    Disabled Logging for material replacement in 1.13 versions as its just spammy.

    commit c58ed305a842f5c29711be9800aef3e007b3ae54 (origin/HEAD, origin/1.6.x)
    Merge: e3f3f2a 0c626e7
    Author: ProSavage <[email protected]>
    Date: Thu Dec 6 16:11:32 2018 -0600

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.6.x' into 1.6.x

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  9. Fixed the rest of bugs.

    For Developers:

    I changed the name of the main class of the plugin to 'SavageFactions' to 'P'.
    I also changed the field for Leaders to 'LEADER' from 'ADMIN', so in this version and above to reference the correct role you will need to use Role.LEADER, instead of Role.ADMIN.

    commit 2178dac (HEAD -> 1.6.x, origin/HEAD, ori gin/1.6.x)
    Author: ProSavage [email protected]...
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  10. More Bug Fixes!

    Basically I squashed a few bugs, and enhanced a few things.
    commit a0add56 (HEAD -> 1.6.x, origin/HEAD, origin/1.6.x)
    Author: ProSavage [email protected]
    Date: Wed Oct 24 14:46:49 2018 -0500

    Added website tag to plugin.yml

    commit 8503582
    Author: ProSavage...
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