SaveInventory [1.13 - 1.18.1] 1.2.2

~ Save, Clear, Load, and Sync player inventories & enderchests! ~

  1. 1.1.0 ~ HUGE update! Database storage :)

    NEW ~ SaveInventory now uses a database, using your choice of SQLite (local file, the default) or MySQL!
    • Don't worry, your current data (from saves.yml) will be copied to the database automatically!
    • Switch between SQLite and MySQL types in config.yml, by setting
    • Code (Text):
      MySQL: true
         ~ OR ~
      MySQL: false
    • Your database will be converted automatically!

    NEW ~ If you use BungeeCord, you can now automatically sync player inventories and enderchests across multiple servers. (thanks to AloneMusk for the suggestion!)
    • Player inventories and enderchests are saved when they log out, and temporarily cleared (to prevent duping) then restored when they log in.
    • To use this feature, set up a MySQL database if you haven't already, then put the MySQL connection details into your config.yml, and set
      Code (Text):
      BungeeAutoSync: true
    • Make sure to enable MySQL and BungeeAutoSync in all connected BungeeCord servers

    NEW ~ Set the maximum number of saves to store per player by changing (in config.yml):
    Code (Text):
    SavesPerPlayer: 10
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