SB-Skylands SB-Skylands-0.18.1

A Skyland generator

  1. sirati97
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Sleaker, Flash619
    A fork of SkylandsPlus+

    1.11 version for self compilation:
    - Easy Version
    - Missing libs and shit - my github

    I created an updated fork of the infamous SkylandsPlus+ world generator mainly for private usage, but i decided to share it with you. The current version only works Spigot 1.10 with the 'v1_10_R1' source prefix. It cannot be made easy in a version independent plugin as it heavily relies on NMS code.

    1.8.8 Version - Spigot 1.8.8 with the 'v1_8_R3' source prefix

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is with option very-high:

    Warning this is not compatible with old worlds generated with SkylandsPlus+

    • Uses NMS world generation code as much as it is possible.
    • A lot of Options
    • Natural and extremely beautiful world generation.
    • All ores can be generated everywhere (but are more commen at the buttom)
    • Glowstone ores AND crystals
    • All structures from the normal Overworld available.
    • Nearly untouched nether/theend skyland generation from SkylandsPlus+
    • offset={number} - everything is moved up by this value
    • high - more floating islands stacked
    • very-high - even more floating islands stacked
    • high={number} - will use this value for island generation. Higher number means for floating islands stacked over each other. Default value = 128

      This also increases generation time. (very-high[=170]) takes 3 times as long as a world with default options) Also with a higher world the amount of waterfalls and lavafalls is drastically increased.

    • multicore - uses more than one core for generation. EXPERIMENTAL-> Can crash server
    Overworld skylands only:
    • no-decorated-caves - disables decorated caves (caves with grass/sand as ground)
    • no-caves - disables only caves with normal ground blocks
      Disable both to disable all caves. Will decrease generation time.
    • no-glowstone - disables glowstone ore and crystals
    • no-canyon - disables canyons
    • no-village - disables village generation
    • no-langeFeatures - disables Pyramide, Jungletemple, Desertwell
    • stronghold - enables stronghold generation (this can take place outside of islands)
    • mineshaft - enables mineshaft generation(this can take place outside of islands)
    • no-forest - replaces forests with plains
    • forest={biome} - replaces forests with biome
    • no-jungle - replaces jungles with plains
    • jungle={biome} - replaces jungles with biome
    • no-taiga - replaces deserts with plains
    • desert={biome} - replaces desert with biome
    • no-ice - replaces ice biomes with plains
    • ice={biome} - replaces ice biomes with biome
    • no-desert - replaces deserts with plains
    • desert={biome} - replaces deserts with biome
    • ocean={biome} - replaces oceans with biome. (Ocean is normally replaced with plains)
    • no-mushroom - replaces mushroom biomes with plains
    • mushroom={biome} - replaces mushroom biomes with biome
    • no-swampland - replaces swamplands with plains
    • swampland={biome} - replaces swamplands with biome

    • no-savanna- replaces savannas with plains

    • savanna={biome} - replaces savannas with biome

    Options are seperated by ', '

    Code (Text):
    prevent-sand-falling: true
    restrict-mob-spawning: true
    prevent-sand-falling: (will stop updates from sand)
    restrict-mob-spawning: (limits the amount of mobs per chunk per species to 8)

    How to create a world with multiverse:
    Code (Text):
    /mv create {worldname} normal -g SB-Skylands
    Code (Text):
    /mv create {worldname} normal -g SB-Skylands:{options}
    Or a skylands style Nether like this
    Code (Text):
    /mv create {worldname} nether -g SB-Skylands
    Or a skylands style End like this
    Code (Text):
    /mv create {worldname} the_end -g SB-Skylands
    Code (Text):
       generator: SB-Skylands:{options}

    SB-Skylands-0.16 [aka 2016-06-03]:
    • Support for 1.8.8 (v1_8_R3)
    • Known Bugs:
    1. Jungle generations spams console
    2. Snow does not generate in extreme-hills biome
    3. Mesa looks like a red desert
    • Support for 1.10 (v_1_10_R1)
    • Known Bugs:
    1. Bone structures generate mid-air in swampland
    2. Jungle generations spams console
    3. Snow does not generate in extreme-hills biome
    4. Mesa looks like a red desert
    • Support for 1.10 (v_1_10_R1)
    • Known Bugs:
    1. Bone structures generate mid-air in swampland
    2. Mesa looks like a red desert

    As SkylandsPlus is published under GPLv3 i am forced to do that as well.

    The SkylandsPlus+ Team and I. If you know there usernames in SpigotMC i will add them to the Contributors-List

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fix
  2. Multi-Core Generation
  3. 1.10 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. LadyHaley
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    I like this plugin and use it often, the Skylands in this style is one of my fave worlds gens. My issue is the extremely long update times. Like there's a 1.12 version of the Github according to the notes but there's no jar for it on there, you have to compile it yourself. I find it hard to recommend the plugin because of this
    1. sirati97
      Author's Response
      if you compile it for me and send me the jar per email I will update it.
      me at sirati97 dot de

      I am sorry for not updating or caring for this plugin. I haven't touched Minecraft in ages and university keeps me incredible busy.
  2. PhivianFilms
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Make a .jar, organize the page so that new comers will not be confused, make a tutorial on how to download, install, and use your plugin.
  3. lucvandrako
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    error during compilation

    [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile (default-compile) on project SB-Skylands: Compilation failure
    [ERROR] /C:/Users/LUCAS/Downloads/buildtoold/SB-Skylands/src/main/java/de/sirati97/sb/skylands/gen/multicore/[225,31] cannot find symbol
    [ERROR] symbol: method chunkExists(net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.WorldServer,int,int)
    [ERROR] location: variable chunkLoader of type net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.ChunkRegionLoader
  4. FCRev
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Leaving a good review because this plugin has a ton of potential. I'm just getting the error about this: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/v1_10_R1/Block
    Maybe you didn't update the download link or something, because I do see that it should work on 1.11
  5. Aecnoril
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
  6. mahaisch
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    i have a erorr it wil not work :( plz help
    [20:03:31 INFO]: Mahaisch issued server command: /mv create 1 normal -g SB-Skylands
    [20:03:31 WARN]: [Multiverse-Core] Failed to get the default chunk generator: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/v1_10_R1/World
    [20:03:31 WARN]: [Multiverse-Core] This is a bug in SB-Skylands, NOT a bug in Multiverse!
    1. sirati97
      Author's Response
      pls use the 1.11 version
  7. KillerTheSkyLord
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Hey, sirati97 when is the next update estimate?

    I really love this plugin its actually pretty nice!
    1. sirati97
  8. BlueYoshi68
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Please make 1.11!
    1. sirati97
  9. UDOgaming
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Great plugin! one problem that I'm having though is that I can't import a skylands world without it just having normal generation. Here is the command I used:
    /mv import world_skylands2 NORMAL -g SB-Skylands
    1. sirati97
      Author's Response
      Importing old skyland worlds will probably create chunk boarders. but i dont know why it doesnt work
  10. Lord_Pyrak
    Version: SB-Skylands-0.18.1
    Running this on 1.10 with world border to generate a 1:1 projection of my main world, but for some reason it eats ram like you wouldn't believe, and won't save chunks until i stop the server (I can watch the world folder grow when i stop it). Is this something you can fix or is this a problem with 1.10?
    1. sirati97
      Author's Response
      Hey. would be better if you asked me first. The world generator does not change how chunks are saved. I know that spigot recently changed some world saving code. So this could be a bug OR: you used /save-off to disable autosaving. Please check this and may revise your rating.

      please answer on this in thew normal plugin forum discussion (