SBC - Selection of Broadcast Commands 1.0

A simple selection of useful broadcast commands.

  1. Digeon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    SBC (Selection of Broadcasting Commands) is a useful tool to boost server popularity through encouraging players to complete tasks or support the server.


    /help SBC - Displays help about SBC
    /author: Displays author of plugin
    /donateremind: Reminds players to donate
    /mee: Mentions a player's name (whoever executed the command)
    /voteremind: Reminds players to vote


    SBC has only been tested on version 1.8, but is highly likely to work on newer versions. To install, place the plugin in your plugin directory and reboot server. Report any bugs in a private message on SpigotMC before making a review.

    SBC is compatible with Paper, Spigot and Bukkit.