sBedSpawnPoint 1.2

Allow your players to sleep and set there bed respawn point.

  1. Suny


    Allow your players to place a bed and and right click to set ther respawn point,
    Great for any game-mode servers!

    with this your players will conserve 1 home,
    since this allows them to set there Bed spawn point wherever they whant!

    Commands: none
    Permissions: none ( might add permission if requested )

    Example of config:


    To Be Added:
    2 - delay on left click on bed to set sBedSpawnPoint to avoid spamming
    3 - checks if bed is destroyed if bed is destroyed the player will not respawn on the sBedSpawnPoint

    Is it working like it is supposed to ?
    a good rating would incentivate me to upload more of plugin / skript i create!

    ( english and brasilian versions included in download )

    some of my other usefull resources!