Scann 1.0

Scann your world for cheaters.

  1. Miles
    Scann your world for cheaters.

    What it does

    When Scann is enabled, as you move around your world, it will be automatically scanning it for bases. If it finds one, you will be alerted and given the option to teleport to it. No base is hidden-- often cheaters will go to great lengths to avoid detection. Scann, however, allows you to locate any base near to you. This is useful if you would like to find player's bases and check to make sure they are not cheating and following the rules.

    Why you need it

    There are two types of server moderation: preventative and reactionary. Reactionary moderation responds to problems after they happen. Preventative moderation prevents them in the first place. Scann helps you prevent cheating by allowing you to find bases and check them for cheating before they start bothering other players. Often hackers will make small hidden bases away from their main base where they hide their illegitimate items. Scann will alert you of these as well. Find hackers before they strike.

    How it works
    As you move with Scann enabled, it will scan the area near you for chests, as all bases contain chests. If it finds one, it will give you the option to teleport to it. Extremely simple, and extremely powerful.

    How to install
    Install by placing Scann.jar into your plugins folder. No config will be created as Scann is very simple.

    How to use
    To use Scann, players need to have the scann.use permission.
    To toggle Scann for you, use /scann. To teleport to a found base, use /scann tp.

    Scann is incredibly efficient. If no one is using it, it does not even register PlayerMoveEvent. If someone is using it, it only scans the area near them for bases when they enter a new chunk. As soon as they stop using it, PlayerMoveEvent is unregistered. Scann is incredibly efficient.