ScavengerHunt 1.0.0-BETA

A gamemode where teams are put into a vanilla world and must collect certain items.

  1. MyNameIsSlick
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This is a beta release, and should not be used on servers you care about too much. There are going to be bugs, and I can't know how they may interact with your server and possibly mess stuff up. This is a test branch so I can iron out the bugs and receive suggestions and feedback.


    ScavengerHunt is a game-mode where teams are placed into a vanilla world and are challenged to be the first to collect a list of items. These items are voted on by each team, meaning there is a element of strategy in picking the item list for the game.

    /sh - It adds player's to the game, and while in-game, opens the menu which shows which teams have collected which items.

    /sh endgame <lobby> - This command is restricted to only OPs. It ends the game with the given number.

    None as of yet.

    Known Issues
    • Generating worlds is expensive and so currently, I have worlds generate on startup and the games move around that world, using it up bit by bit. Given the size of a Minecraft world, this is fine for testing, but not for deployment. This would be fine if it's used on a dedicated server which restarts every time the game ends. I'm thinking of ways around this, but I don't have anything yet.
    • Because of the way I'm using the world up, I am forced to make the nether play area 8x smaller than the overworld play area to prevent overlap. This is a problem for hopefully obvious reasons if servers decide to play with pvp on.
    • I have no way of checking if its possible to get an item I offer up teams to vote on. E.g. A team could vote for a blaze rod as one of the items, but there is no nether fortress within the nether play area.
    If you have any issue, please report them on my issue tracker, don't leave them as reviews:

    This plugin will most likely be released as a premium plugin at some point in the future, but I don't feel comfortable doing so until I know that I'm delivering a quality product.