ScavengerRace 1.1

Timed Scavenger like hunt for a random Item!

  1. Jacrispys
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    Scavenger Hunt Race!

    This very simple plugin is another challenge like plugin that gives the player a random item as an objective and starts a timer, as the player runs around looking for the item the timer goes up and once they get the Item it gives them their time and asks them to play again! There is also a reroll feature where you can reroll the item it gives you if you think its too hard to get!

    • Scav Start - Opens the GUI to give you options.
    • Scav Help - Shows some help options
    • Scav - Base command shows basic plugin info
    • scav.admin - allows the player access to the update checker messages
    Nerd Info:

    Some other Cool features that I added are cancelling the current scavenger when you retype the start command. Translates item names to language names using NMS.



    Notes: If you have any suggested Updates for this plugin please reach out to me on spigot and I will likely consider the new implementations.

Recent Updates

  1. Added Update Checker Support