Scenarios UHC - SK! [1.8] | CutClean, TimeBomb Cooldown, NoCleanUp, Manager GUI, 35 Scenarios Total! 1.6

35 fascinating scenarios for the Ultrahardcore gameplay !!! DISCONTINUED

  1. BrandPV
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    scenarios uhc is a complete totally safe and light mind!, created to modify the game modes in uhc, contains several modified events that make the game a greater experience.
    this is my first complement, I am learning skript so if you find flaws or want to give recommendations, I would greatly appreciate you to help me with that! Also comment on new ideas to add

    Permissions: Usage permissions for users and operators
    Gui Menu: menu for quick and easy access to manage the add-on and display the established game modes
    ● Configurable Messages: just edit the indicated lines!
    ● Extra's addo UHC: Lightning and Explosion effect, EnderPearlNoDamage...

    ● Command admin:
    /scenarios menu - open administration menu.
    ● Command for user: /scenarios - see established scenarios.

    ● Permission admin:
    ● Permission user: Scenario.view
    # ● Permissions: editable permissions
    Scenario-Admin: Scenario.admin #Permission to manage the scenarios.
    Scenario-View: Scenario.view #Permission to view active scenarios.

    AborptionLess: When you eat an apple of gold you do not get absorption.
    BackPacks: Allows the use of backpacks to stake elements.
    BareBones: Nether disable. All minerals except iron and coal, drop iron ingots. when someone dies drop 1 diamond, 1 golden apple, 32 arrows and 2 ropes. You can not make tables of enchantment, anvils or golden apples.
    Blocked: You can not break the blocks you put. Other players can break the blocks you place. You can break the blocks that other players place.
    BloodDiamond: 1/2 heart will be lost for each diamond removed.
    BloodEnchat: You will lose half a heart for every level you love. Half a heart will be lost for each level you consume using an anvil.
    BloodGold: You will lose half a heart for each gold ore removed.
    BloodLapis: 1 heart will be lost for each lapis lazuli removed.
    BowLess: Arcs can not be made. The mobs will not leave bows.
    CoalLess: You can not extract coal ore. You can not exploit coal ore. when someone dies drop 2 coal.
    CutClean: Minerals come out all cooked. The food comes out all cooked. Flint / Leather / Feather drops at 100 percent rates.
    ColdWeapons: You can not get fire or flame by enchanting.
    DiamondLess: You can not extract diamond ore. You can not exploit diamond ore. When someone dies drop 1 diamond.
    DoubleOres: All minerals drop multiplied by 2.
    FireLess: No fire damage. No lava damage.
    GoldenHead: When someone dies drop 1 player head. Golden apples of heads will regeneration 2 for 10 seconds.
    GoldLess: You can not extract gold ore. You can not exploit gold ore. When someone dies drop 1 goldenhead and 16 gold ingot.
    HeadStand: To die an armorstand will be generated in the death location. The victim's head will appear on the armorstand.
    HealthDonor: Players can donate health to other users. When donating health, will lose the same amount of hearts.
    HorseLess: You can not ride horses. You can not ride donkeys.
    IronLess: You can not extract iron ore. You can not exploit iron ore. When someone dies drop 8 iron ingot.
    LongShots: When hitting someone with an arrow from 75 blocks, you heal 1 heart. The opponent will get 1.5 more damage
    LuckyFlowers: For each flower that you extract, you are likely to get random elements.
    LuckyLeaves: There's a 0.3% chance of golden apples, , dropping from de-spawning leaves.
    NoCleanUp: When you kill someone you will get 10 seconds of regeneration 2. You will get resistance for a lapse of 3 seconds.
    NoEnchant: You can not enchant elements. You can not combine elements with enchanted books.
    NoFallDamage: No damage from falls.
    OreFrenzy: When extracting mineral of lapis falls 1 splash potion of health. When extracting mineral of emerald falls 32 arrows. When extracting mineral of redstone falls 1 book without enchantment. When extracting mineral of diamond falls 1 diamond and 4 experience bottle. When extracting mineral of quartz falls 1 tnt.
    RodLess: You can not make fishing rods.
    TimeBomb: All elements of death are placed in a double chest. The chest will explode 30 seconds after appearing.
    TripleOres: All minerals drop multiplied by 3.
    Soup: Mushroom soups regenerate from 2 hearts.
    Switcheroo: When you shoot someone, you trade places with them.
    Vanilla+: Higher drop rate of apples. Higher flint drop rate.
    WebCage: When dying a sphere of cobwebs is generated in the location of death.

    Dependencies: Skript, Skellet, SkQuery, skRayFall, TuSKe, WildSkript
    Optional: HolographicDisplays (optional for time bomb holograms)

    menu manager:​
    menu-view scenarios:​

    Extra's Gui:​


    TimeBombo countdown Hologram!​


    If you want to make use of this skript, I ask that you do not decompile and resubmit to the forums or could be denounced, Also if the complement is not to your liking, be friendly and do not leave bad reviews. Thank you very much!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Burnszh
    Version: 1.6
    item on player inventory not placed in chest
    just armor slot placed in chest
    please i need fix
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      sorry bro, I stopped coding years ago. Now I detail it in the post, I'm very sorry again ;/
  2. Juanzoo
    Version: 1.6
    Muy buen complemento, lo usaré en mi servidor de UHC como un addon, porfavor métame a los servidores que lo usan GRAN SKRIPTER!


    Mis respetos :)
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      thanks you! ♥ :')
  3. YouWillNeva
    Version: 1.6
    [ Sugerencias ]: Hola de nuevo! bro te dejo unas sugerencias (Scenarios) para una proxima actualizacion de este Skript!

    - Limitations: Solo puedes extraer hasta 16 diamantes, 32 de oro y 64 de hierro durante el juego.

    - Water World: En un juego del mundo del agua, el área de 100 * 100 es totalmente de agua.

    - LimitedEnchants

    - TripleXP

    - BuildUHC

    Espero que agregues por lo menos 1 y bueno, solo son sugerencias y si quieres los agregas!

    PD: I love you Skript

    ATT: Flocary(ManiacFounder)
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias por comentar el recurso compañero, en verdad gracias.
      Suenan muy interesantes, investigare bien sobre ellos o puedes detallarmelos en la "discord", no conocia bien este de limitedenchats y el triplexp. Me alegra saber que te haya servido este humilde complemento, gracias de nuevo :')
  4. YouWillNeva
    Version: 1.4
    Deberias de poner los 20 segundos de invencibilidad en el NoClean Scenario! pero aun asi esta super
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias :'D por la revision y la reseña! Para la proxima actualizacion voy a hacerle un "revamp" al nocleaup. Al matar a alguien, obtienes invencibilidad por "segundos x", pero si atacas a alguien pierdes la invencibilidad. Tambien con un temporalizador en la bossbar indicando el tiempo que le restara ;)
  5. Juanzoo
    Version: 1.3
    Increíble actualización!
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      thankx :') <3
  6. Juanzoo
    Version: 1.1
    Deberias añadir el scenario "HeadPost, estaria re bueno!-
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      Lo intentare, muchas gracias por la reseña bro :')
  7. Sagp15
    Version: 1.0
    Muy Buen Skript, bien estructurado algo que pocos tienen Sigue a si espero mas actualizaciones.
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias por la revision compañero :') Me motiva mucho eso
  8. Juanzoo
    Version: 1.0
    Genial, sin duda está muy bien fabricado.
    Sigue haci! :)
    1. BrandPV
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias por la review y la reseña bro :')