SchematicBrushes 1.1.3

Tool for making pasting schematics super quick and easy

  1. Random Schematic / Duplicate Keys (fix)

    • Fixed Duplicate keys printing when there were no duplicates
    • Fixed the random schematics feature
      • Instead of pasting the last schematic, it should paste randomly
      • I will improve this feature depending on the support (y)
    • Stopped storing schematics in a map
  2. GUI Update

    • Tab completion now checks for what you are typing
    • Added a GUI for getting /brush get
      • You can still get brushes via command
    • Default keys are automatically generated
      • They generate out of order, fair warning
    • Fixed /brush help
    • Redid the logging(debug) system
    • Brush items now show the schematics in their lore.
      • The lore doesn't update when you add schematics
      • This is only visual
  3. Player Spam and Denied Blocks

    • Removed debugging message
      • Forgot to remove that one, sorry.
    • Added block denial
    • Configurable build limit. Useful for:
      • If you don't want admin pasting above a certain point
      • If you have a mod modifying world height
    • Added 1.13 Tab completion
    • Support for .schematic files as well as .schem
  4. Scatter Brushes

    • Added Scatter Brushes
    • Redid the wiki
    • Minor command changes
    • Added debugging mode
    • Remade the configuration system
      • This should fix any issues reloading the plugin

    Note that the Scatter Brush needs some optimization, and will be changed over the coming weeks.
  5. Plugin Download Hotfix

    Fixed the plugin not being uploaded correctly, sorry about that one.
  6. Error fix

    Fixed null pointer when not holding any item.