sClearChat 1.0

Clears your server's chat.

  1. puppy3276
    This is a simple utility that clears your server's chat. Has your chat been filled by spambots? This will clear the chat of all players online. It also provides a notice for the players, "puppy3276 has cleared the chat", so players know what's happening, and to prevent staff from abusing.

    • /clearchat (/cc, /clear) - Clears chat for all online players
    • sclearchat.clear - Provides access to the /clear command
    • sclearchat.bypass - If you have this permission, your chat will not be cleared. This can be useful for moderators of the server. Of someone spammed, you'd want to clear it right away for players, but you'd still be able to take screenshots, collect other evidence.
    No configuration is necessary.

    I hope you find this plugin useful. If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, send me a PM. I'll fix it right away!

Recent Reviews

  1. stable
    Version: 1.0
    Use it to clear advertisement bots.