ScorchProxy 1.2

Prevent people from joining your server without going through the Proxy (BungeeCord) first.

  1. Command update

    + New commands list below
    • /scorchproxy or /sp
    • /scorchproxy ips
    • /scorchproxy ports
    • /scorchproxy version
    • /scorchproxy reload
    + New option in configuration for the no permission message
    + New permissions
    + You can now reload the configuration from in-game
  2. Configuration update

    + New configuration layout with information for every option
    Code (Text):
    # IP addresses you WANT people to join through.
    # This  can be both letter and number IP addresses.
    # Ports players should use when joining.
    # If you run BungeeCord, your port is probably 25565
    - 25565
    Only-Port: true
    # This is the message players will see when they do
    # not have permission to a command. You can use
    # placeholders like '&' for colors...