Scoreboard++ 2.2.3

Easy, fast and efficient

  1. iFighter
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English, German + Support for more manually added

    Scoreboard++ is the ultimate all in one Scoreboard plugin. With the custom Scoreboard engine and in depth analysis tools you can get the most out of your server without slow downs.


    • Smooth a sync scoreboard updates
    • In depth analysis tools
    • Super configurable scoreboard updates
    • Custom Scoreboard engine
    • Own place holders (without the need for an api)
    • Integrated player stats
    • Support for the Placeholder API
    • Support for many other plugins
    |High performance

    Ultra high performance with optimized scoreboard updates. Even with 20 updates per second you can expect 20 tps. Scoreboard++ has almost no impact on your server because it dynamically updates and generates your scoreboards outside of Spigot.

    |Custom ordered tab list

    Scoreboard++ has multi version tab list support. You can configure the rank order and custom placeholders.

    |Analysis tools

    Code (Text):
    shows you all the scoreboard updates that occurred in the last 15 minutes and what triggered them.
    Red: Update is disabled
    Yellow: Updates the scoreboard for targeted player only
    Green: Updates the scoreboard for everyone on the server.

    |Supported Plugins

    To get the most out of your scoreboard especially helpful for big servers.

    • Use a fast database for stats - Remote databases can have a big impact on scoreboard updates
    • Use event updates - Static updates can inflate the amount of scoreboard updates
    • Take your time to configure scoreboard updates - You can deceive if either only one or all players receive a certain scoreboard update.
    • Use /updates to see which updates are triggered most often to tweak your config

    |Own language and custom messages
    Scoreboard++ supports different languages and even your own custom messages. Right now Scoreboard++ ships with English and German language files but you can add and modify the language files. Just copy, modify and rename your language in the plugins/Scoreboard/translations folder.

    Code (YAML):
    pluginPrefix: "&7[&bScoreboard++&7]&r"

    : "&cYou don't have permission to use this command."
    : true
    Just make sure to only change strings that are written in "". You can disable or modify the plugin prefix to your liking. If you create a new language file make sure that your config doesn't miss any messages. In that case Scoreboard++ falls back to the default English text. You can disable this by changing this value in the config.

    Code (YAML):
    disableSchemaCheck = true

    Scoreboard++ has permissions for every command. Use your favorite permissions system to grant/revoke permissions from players.





    |Bug reports and feature requests
    Use a thread to file a bug report or feature request. Bug reports in reviews will be ignored.
    Java 11 is strongly recommended!

Recent Reviews

  1. GamePvP
    Version: 2.2.3
    Super Plugin erf├╝llt seinen Job. Es gibt keine Fehler und ist super simpel zu benutzen/einzustellen!
  2. BilBini
    Version: 2.2.3
    A good plugin but not updated to 1.17 and I think the Dev just left it and went away!
  3. uwmpr
    Version: 2.2.3
    what stores does this plugin support because I currently use the EconomyShop GUI and do not want to show coins too much
  4. MrJuju0319
    Version: 2.2.3
  5. Gonzha48
    Version: 2.1.1
    Hey do u have discord? I found a bug I guess, send mi link pls :((, that's not works
    1. iFighter
      Author's Response
      You can write me a pm on here or checkout my profile for discord contact info
  6. ItsGunner_
    Version: 2.1.0
    This plugin looks like a great project but when i launch the server it doesn't create a folder while the plugin is in the proxys bungee list. Using waterfall 1.16.4

    If it works ill change rating to 5 stars
    1. iFighter
      Author's Response
      This plugin is not installed on the proxy server but on every spigot server. It still supports some bungee features like showing the amount of online players on the network.