Screaming BedWars [1.9.4 - 1.18.1] 0.2.22

BedWars/EggWars/AnchorWars/CakeWars minigame compatible with all versions since 1.9+

  1. 0.2.19 - 1.17.1 support

    Hello my screamers,

    today we have another compatibility update for BedWars which includes 1.17.1 support. If you are using SBA, you need to wait for SBA to be updated. If any several problems occurs with this build, expect new update soon.

    • 1.17.1 support
    • Since 0.2.19, BedWars uses NMSMapper for resolving methods and fields from net.minecraft package. This also means new problems can occur. So if you have any problem, go to our issue tracker.
    • Added /bw cheat command
      • This command is disabled by default and can be enabled in config.yml (enable-cheat-command-for-admins)
      • This command requires permission
      • This command is meant for testing purposes and not for public servers.
      • There are two types of cheat
        • /bw cheat kill [player] - Kills someone
        • /bw cheat give <resource> [amount] [player] - Gives someone specified amount of resource
    • Fixed tab manager can stay loaded after /bw reload
    • Fixed TNTSheep in 1.9.4: tnt and sheep was separated.
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