Screaming BedWars [1.9.4 - 1.19] 0.2.24

BedWars/EggWars/AnchorWars/CakeWars minigame compatible with all versions since 1.9+

  1. ScreamingSandals
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    ScreamingSandals <Misat11, Iamceph, Pronze>
    Languages Supported:
    Czech, English, German, Russian, Polish, Chinese and more
    Complete remaster of BedwarsRel that support any version from 1.9 to 1.19 and is ready to support any future version. Almost all things are configurable (in config.yml or for game by using admin commands, or for both).

    With release of 0.3.0 Java 11 will be requirement! Prepare for it now.

    Important notice for translators:
    We are now using Weblate and all previous translations were removed due to migrating to minimessage format.

    We recommend using 1.9.4 or newer server with ViaVersion + ViaBackwards + ViaRewind plugins so 1.8 players can join and also OldCombatMechanics if you want to use the old pvp system.

    Please use github issue tracker for reporting bugs. Reviews are just for rate this plugin! (And there are still people, that don't understand this) Also we don't visit so often so use Discord instead of discussion thread!

    • All the basics of BedWars game (Beds, Teams and so on)
    • Shop that supports multi-shop per arena!
    • BungeeCord
    • Vault rewards
    • Spectator mode (now, spectators can join running game!)
    • Arena rebuilding (fast af)
    • BossBar or XP bar in lobby countdown or with game time
    • Breakable (those are refreshing after arena rebuild) / ignored blocks
    • SpecialItems (RescuePlatform, TNTSheep and so on) - they can be configured in shop too!
    • ...
    • Team selecting GUI
    • Auto coloring items (like armor and so)
    • Resource Spawners (you can have as much as you want)
    • Player statistics
    • And many more useful features..
    Player commands (no permissions needed):
    /bw join <arena> - Join to arena
    /bw leave - Leave from arena
    /bw list - List of active games
    /bw stats - Show your statistics
    /bw rejoin - Join again to latest game you played
    /bw autojoin - Join to first waiting game

    Needed Admin permission or
    /bw stats [player] - Show statistics of player

    Admin commands (needed permission: bw.admin):
    /bw reload - Reloads plugin
    /bw dump - Uploads dump with useful information and gives you link that you can provide on our discord
    /bw mainlobby [enable|set] - Enables main lobby or sets main lobby location
    /bw addholo - Adds hologram to player's location
    /bw removeholo - After executing this command, the player can right-click the holographic statistic to remove it.
    /bw admin <arena> info [section] - Show you all information about arena
    /bw admin <arena> add - Create new arena
    /bw admin <arena> lobby - Sets lobby position to your position
    /bw admin <arena> spec - Sets specatator's position to your position
    /bw admin <arena> pos1 - Sets the extreme point of the arena to your position
    /bw admin <arena> pos2 - Sets the second extreme point of the arena to your position
    /bw admin <arena> pausecountdown <seconds> - Sets the pause duration before game starts
    /bw admin <arena> minplayers <minimum> - Sets minimum of players needed to start the game
    /bw admin <arena> time <seconds> - Sets the game duration
    /bw admin <arena> team add <team> <color> <max players> - Add team to game
    /bw admin <arena> team color <team> <color> - Change team color
    /bw admin <arena> team maxplayers <team> <max players> - Change max team players
    /bw admin <arena> team spawn <team> - Sets team spawn to your position
    /bw admin <arena> team bed <team> - Sets team bed to your target position
    /bw admin <arena> jointeam <team> - Sets the ability to connect to a team using an entity
    /bw admin <arena> spawner add <bronze|gold|iron> [enable hologram] [starting level - default: 1] [custom name] [[team name] [max spawned resources] or just [max spawned resources] without team name] - Add item spawner to your position
    /bw admin <arena> spawner reset - Remove all spawners
    /bw admin <arena> store add [name of villager entity] [file with shop] [use main shop] - Add trading villager to your position
    /bw admin <arena> store remove - Remove trading villager from your position
    /bw admin <arena> store type <living entity> - Sets entity type of store (Villager, Horse, Cow, Pig etc.)
    /bw admin <arena> config <constant> <value> - Sets value of constant variable for game
    /bw admin <arena> arenatime <type> - Sets time in arena (DAY, NIGHT, etc.)
    /bw admin <arena> arenaweather <type> - Sets weather in arena (default, CLEAN, DOWNFALL)
    /bw admin <arena> remove - Remove the arena
    /bw admin <arena> edit - Turns the game off and switches the arena to edit mode
    /bw admin <arena> save - Saves the game and activates it!

    Sign creation:
    • On the first line write [BedWars] or [BWGame]
    • On the second line the name of arena for join or leave for leave
    • For the first sign update join to game
    Arena creation:
    1. Create new arena with command: /bw admin <New arena name> add
    2. Then set arena size by setting two positions: /bw admin <name> pos1 and /bw admin <name> pos2
    3. Add spectator spawn: /bw admin <name> spec
    4. Add some resource spawners to your position with command /bw admin <name> spawner add <bronze|gold|iron>
    5. Then spawn Villager stores with: /bw admin <name> store add
    6. Now create teams:
      • Run command /bw admin <game name> team add <Your team name> <team color> <max players>
      • Stand up where you want set team spawn and run command: /bw admin <game name> team spawn <team name>
      • Then look at team bed (all kind of beds supported) and run command /bw admin <game name> team bed <team name>
      • You must create at least 2 teams.
    7. Then go to lobby and execute /bw admin <game name> lobby
    8. Now all basic things are set so you can run /bw admin <game name> save for save and enable game

    Updated tutorial by SoulStriker including SBA addon (in English)

    Original tutorial by SoulStriker (in English)

    Tutorial for (in English)

    Tutorial by ShotCraft3x (in Spanish)

    Creation by jointeam command
    1. Go to your bedwars lobby and place the entity
    2. Switch your arena to edit mode
    3. Run command /bw admin <arena name> jointeam <team name>
    4. Right click the entity that you want
    5. Now the entity gets name same as team and if the entity is Armor Stand it gets leather armor in team color. And it makes your entity persistent.
    6. Now save your arena and you can play
    Manually creation
    Create any living entity with custom name same as team name and place it in your lobby. Bedwars plugin doesn't save this only finds team by name after right click.

    • skip - leaves free spaces before item
    • column - sets column of item (0 - 8, left (0), center (4), right (8))
    • row - sets row of item (1 - 4)
    • linebreak - break line (before, after, both)
      before - break line before item was added to shop (move this item and all next items to next line)
      after - break line after item was added to shop (move just all items after this to next line)
      both - break line before this item and after this item (make line with just one item)
    • pagebreak - break page (before, after, both)
      You can combine all these position properties!
      Code (YAML):
         - price: 15
      : bronze
      : after
      : 4
      : center
      : 4
    • Items without position properties will be next to the last item.

    Code (YAML):
    -   stack
    : # Category Item Stack
    : APPLE
    :   # Items in category
        - price
    : 50     # price amount
    : "bronze"   # price type (bronze, iron, gold)
    :   # Bukkit ItemStack for buy
    : 1
    : 2
    : 1
    : 99
    Material names should be founded here


    Get a 15% discount on your first invoice with code "START15"

    Issues/New features:
    Please paste your ideas and problems to our issues page on github:

    Useful links:
    Buy us a coffee:
    Be our patron:
    Source code:
    IRC: ##screamingsandals-chat on
    You can join us on Discord:
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    Can we reach 500k downloads?


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Recent Updates

  1. 0.2.24 - 1.19 support
  2. 0.2.23 - 1.18.2 support
  3. 0.2.22

Recent Reviews

  1. EpicJosch
    Version: 0.2.24
    Really the best Bedwars plugin i ever saw. But one thing is strange: My villagers are no villagers at all even if i configure them to be villagers. Everytime they have a skin of some random player. Does anyone know about that? Could it be because i have Citizenz on the Server?
  2. JBX2020
    Version: 0.2.24
    1. ScreamingSandals
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review and your idea ;)
  3. Lxmpost
    Version: 0.2.23
    Really good, but I'm having an issue with changing the shops. The changes shops.yml file appears to be completely ignored, and I don't know how to fix it. Otherwise great and lots of fun.
    1. ScreamingSandals
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review.
      Your shop file is probably invalid, contact us on our Discord.
  4. Quicksilver4730
    Version: 0.2.23
    its a really good plugin and ive been able to customize it a ton but is there a way to add prestige's to the game? like stone prestige, iron, gold, etc.
    1. ScreamingSandals
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review.
      Currently this is not supported by the base plugin and SBA implements only Iron Prestige level.
  5. SirMeliodas
    Version: 0.2.23
    This plugin is good if it works, it it doesn't the devs will give you the middle finger. The plugin looks amazing at first glance but then you realize than players can do /back and destroy your arena, and guess what? you cant protected with World Guard cuz if you do, then players cant use the BedWars arena, basically contradicting each other and the devs know of this but there is just no incentive to fix it or to add support for WorldEddit. In the config.yml you will find nothing about players logging off in the middle of a match which causes them to log back in, reappear in the arena where they logged off, and grief at their will. "you could have ask for support on their Discord dude" oh really? I did and they did not care much, the help I got was "go and figure it out yourself" pretty much. I'm very open minded and I patiently tried their lame troubleshooting, but got really disappointed by their attitude. Trust me I'm a patient person, and sorry for losing my head here but they will really not help you. If you have paypal, go and buy the other much better BW plugin that even comes with map regeneration, it's only a few bucks and totally worth it, else try this mess of a plugin and be miserable for the next weeks or days.
  6. Eky1234
    Version: 0.2.23
    This thing reset its config after MASS customization i did, the game never starts properly, and its getting weird errors, its so bad
  7. Strike1234
    Version: 0.2.23
    Very bad plugin, a lot of bugs, tnt jumping dosent work. use bedwars1058 its so much better
  8. Vzlomshik1999
    Version: 0.2.23
    when playing Bed Wars, when you buy a fireball, it does not fly, but only sets fire to the place where you sent it, next to you
    If you use a golem in the game, it will stand and do nothing
    if you use an explosive sheep egg, it will not appear and the egg will not disappear
    if you use a protective wall, then 1 block of bricks will be delivered
    In general, all the products in the store do not work as they should
    The compass teleports you to the place where you are looking
    help please!!!

    Server and plugin version
    paper version: 1.18.1
    BedWars version: 0.2.23
  9. QQT
    Version: 0.2.23
    Im very sorry but I only can Give 3 Stars because the Stats Hologram is despawnning by Rejoin in 1.18.2 and 2 Villagers Spawn instad of one i have placed!
  10. Jalebi23
    Version: 0.2.23
    SUPER GOOD plugin also to make a diamond /emerald spawner you will need to copy and paste this in your config.yml file(the thing that you need to copy is at the bottom)
    I was wondering how to change the shop to make it look like bedwars?