Screenshare 2.0

Allows you to share your screen using minecraft!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This is a project I made for fun, inspired by a video I saw on youtube.

    As a preface,


    This plugin is merely a little test of some of bukkits capabilities in updating blocks and just a little something I made in my spare time. This is meant to be used on a local server running on your PC where you are the sole operator.


    Start by dragging the plugin in. Go to your plugins folder, and create a new directory called "ScreenShare" (without the " of course).

    Navigate to your .minecraft folder, %AppData%\.minecraft on Windows and ~/.minecraft on GNU/Linux based distributions. From there go to .minecraft/versions/(whatever version your server is). Open the minecraft JAR with your favorite zip file software. Navigate to /assets/minecraft/textures. Copy the "block" folder into your ScreenShare folder so that the path "/plugins/ScreenShare/block". You can substitute the block folder from your favorite texture pack here instead if you'd like, This is used to calculate the average color of every block to use for the screen display.

    Start up your server again, and teleport to 0 210 0. You will see the screen there. It is meant to be watched from above. You can now use "/toggle" to enable/disable the screenshare, and "/resolution <x> <y>" to change the resolution.

    Be aware that when changing the resolution to something large for the first time, minecraft will have to calculate all the lighting down from your screen and that will be VERY LAGGY.

    The default resolution is 96 by 54. I dont recommend going over 256 by 144 (144p). The plugin *should* use your primary monitor.

    Have fun!

    If you need any help with setup, please feel free to contact me on discord @Symphonic#2102

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