ScrollBoard 1.6.6

Tired of scoreboards limited to 15 lines ? Go further with ScrollBoard ! [1.8-1.13]

  1. ScrollBoard v1.6.2

    Please use GITHUB to get support ! :) You can use the command /pyr support [plugin] to get a link to the github support page :[plugin]/issues/new

    Keep reporting bugs and suggesting features so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    This changelog contains the changes for all my updated plugins so it's faster for me to post.

    There are not much new features releases those days but I'm quite busy and I still try to provide at least bugs/problems support, even if I'm slow. Thanks for your patience and keep reporting bugs ! :)

    Changelog for QuestCreator v1.5.2-BETA :

    - Added : editor option for item edition : "Select item from inventory".
    - Added : the item custom NBT data is now saved when you use option "Select item from inventory". This is a beta feature, I advise you to save a backup of your /plugins/PyrCore/ folder before using it.
    - Improved : all item-related data and inner checks are now much better, including for the GUI editor.
    - Improved : quests loading error/warnings messages in the console are now more readable and clearier.
    - Fixed : all bugs related to the quests loading system, inter alia those related to the rewards (including #17
    - Fixed : an error occuring while editing a MOB_KILL objective in the GUI editor.
    - Fixed : the clickable message for preconditions now correctly links to the preconditions wiki page.
    - Fixed : MythicMobs/McMMO/SkillAPI related objectives could not being correctly completed.
    - Potentially fixed : the progress actionbar should now correctly shows the progression for 'multiple objectives' like mob-killing.
    - Potentially fixed : other minor bugs.

    Changelog for PyrCore v3.2.6 :

    - Fixed : the auto-update system now correctly takes into consideration version modifiers like -BETA and doesn't send invalid update messages.
    - Fixed : the plugin was sometimes forcing the plugins to load two times on server startup/reload, which is not good for performances.

    Changelog for all other plugins not listed upper :

    - Improved : adapted to the new reload system, it should now no longer crash or disfunction somehow when you do /pyr reload [plugin]
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