ScrollBoard 1.6.6

Tired of scoreboards limited to 15 lines ? Go further with ScrollBoard ! [1.8-1.13]

  1. ScrollBoard v1.6.1

    Please use GITHUB to get support ! :) You can use the command /pyr support [plugin] to get a link to the github support page :[plugin]/issues/new

    Keep reporting bugs and suggesting features so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    The plugins that are not in the below list didn't change.

    Changelog for PyrCore 3.1.0 :
    • Improved : Data and default files located at /pyrrh4/ in the server root instead of /plugins/pyrrh4/ to prevent any confusion. The configuration files are still located under /plugins/pyrrh4/.
    • Improved : I switched back to .yml configuration system. All your files have been automatically converted.
    • Improved : Many things, including the commands system which has been reversed to an improved version of the old one.
    Changelog for all others plugins :
    • Adapted to PyrCore 3.1.0
    Changelog for QuestCreator 1.3.0 :
    • Added : Quest option gui_item_in_progess (like the others gui_item_***)
    • Added : Quest option settings.enabled (true/false), allows you to enable/disable a quest (true by default)
    • Added : Quest option settings.auto_start (true/false), allows you to auto_start a quest if the player hasn't completed it max_completions (false by default)
    • Added : Quest option settings.show_actionbar (true/false), allows you to enable/disable the action bar of a quest (true by default)
    • Added : Objective option drop_item, allows you to specify an item that will be dropped somewhere when the objective is completed (usage :
    • Added : Objective NPC_KILL, the player must kill a Citizens NPC (specify the id (number))
    • Improved : Removed npc registration ; you now need to create the npc with citizens, and specify the Citizens id (number) instead of the registered name in the tasks and objectives. You might need to recreate your current NPCs with citizens and recnfigure the id (number) in the configuration files.
    • Improved : You can now organise your quests configuration files into subfolders in the questcreator_quests folder
    • Improved : You can now use skip_if as a single string instead of a list
    • Removed : Objective ACHIEVEMENT
    • Fixed : #4 /quest cancel not working
    Changelog for Potatoes 3.2.10 :
    • Potential fix for the remaining armor stand bug
    Changelog for ScrollBoard 1.6.1 :
    • Fixed NPE on start, caused by the fact that PyrCore needs 5 seconds to load online users and ScrollBoard skipped that
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