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  1. ScrollBoard v1.6.2

    Please use GITHUB to get support ! :) You can use the command /pyr support [plugin] to get a link to the github support page :[plugin]/issues/new

    Keep reporting bugs and suggesting features so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    This changelog contains the changes for all my updated plugins so it's faster for me to post.

    Changelog for PyrCore 3.2.0 :

    Changed the storage again, for the last time though. I used to do a lot of changes regarding the storage because its structure wasn't good enough, but now the data storage is better (users/plugins).

    The configuration files have been moved to /plugins/PyrCore/ instead of /plugins/pyrrh4/, it might be more intuitive for users that install my plugins for the first time and makes more sense in general. The data folder is still /pyrrh4/ at the server root, it's better not to remove/edit it. The old /plugins/pyrrh4/ folder will automatically be backed up at the root /pyrrh4/old_data_backup/.

    Changelog for QuestCreator 1.4.0 :

    The whole quests configuration system has been improved and made much simplier and less confuse.
    Your quests will automatically be converted to the new config system.

    Check out the new advanced tutorial on the plugin wiki, it explains you every aspect of how it works now.

    You might have to change some things though, like some objective have been renamed. You have 'WARNING' logs that describes all the problems when the plugin loads.

    The QuestCreatorGUI is not functional for this version. I'll rework it but it currently won't work.

    - Added : GUI item 'cooldown', with placeholder $COOLDOWN.
    - Added : option 'apply_cooldown_if_fail' for the quests (settings).
    - Added : option 'send_success_message' for the quests (settings).
    - Improved : the complete element preconditions for the objectives/tasks, with variables. Now all preconditions can have more operations (with PlaceholderAPI (PAPI_[...]) or not) : EQUALS, DIFFERENT, ATLEAST, INFERIOR, PAPI_EQUALS, PAPI_DIFFERENT, PAPI_ATLEAST, PAPI_INFERIOR.
    - Improved : quests cooldown between executions.
    - Improved : the requirements and rewards configuration has been made clearier.
    - Fixed : #7 Start quests with npc
    - Removed : the QuestCreator levelling system. You can use variables instead, it's simplier with the new preconditions system.

    Changelog for other plugins :
    - Adapted to PyrCore 3.2.0
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