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ScrollBoard 1.6.6

Tired of scoreboards limited to 15 lines ? Go further with ScrollBoard ! [1.8-1.13]

  1. ScrollBoard v1.6.4

    Please use DISCORD to get support ! The link is on the plugin page :)

    Changelog for PyrCore v3.3.6 :
    You should definitely read this changelog !

    - Improved : adapting to 1.13. (tested)

    - Improved : all locales have been cleaned up and all placeholders have been replacer from $PLACEHOLDER to {placeholder} and some of them have been changed or removed, which are easier to replace technically speaking and might also feel easier to read to some people. Also a lot of unused/invalid messages have been removed. You should either reset your locale files by deleting the locale folder located at /plugins/PyrCore/locale/. (snapshot)

    - Improved : now using the official spigot API to check for updates instead of my own website. (tested)

    - Improved : better sound implementation. (tested)

    - Improved : better items implementation, with NBT and durability/unbreakable, etc. (tested)

    Keep reporting bugs and suggesting features so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    This changelog contains all the changes related to this plugin.
    (snapshot) means that I simply changed the thing in the code without testing it and (tested) means that I verified that it works in-game.
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