ScubaHelmet v1.3.5

Receive the same effects as the 1.13 conduit!

  1. ScubaHelmet v1.3.3

    A truly watery update is here!

    And bringing with it Helmet durability, sounds, Effect cleanups, and of course, nasty old bug fixes... :>

    Helmet Durability:

    Options to enable or disable the ability for the helmet to have durability, aka, break after enough use... you can set the max durability in the config, as well as the durabilityLossRate, which is how fast the helmet loses its durability per second.
    ScubaHelmet will display the helmets current durability on the item, and will update every second the item is used underwater.
    There are also several methods which you can display the current durability on-screen, You can use the options BOSSBAR to display it as a bossbar, or you can use ACTION_BAR to display above the player's hotbar. Or simply set it to None and it will not be shown on the screen.

    Added a break sound when the helmet reaches durability of 0

    Effect Cleanups:
    made it so that the night-vision effect won't flicker when underwater...
    Note: IT WILL STILL FLICKER ON YOUR SCREEN WHEN THE POTION TIME IS UNDER 10 seconds, there is nothing i can do about this, its the way default minecraft works.

    Effects are now regenerated as long as you're underwater, making it look more realistic like a conduit or beacon.

    Bug Fixes:
    Setting the helmet manually was troublesome, it should work perfectly now. As long as the player is in Survival/Adventure mode, drag the helmet onto your helmet slot, and click, it will equip like a normal helmet :>
    (Shift Clicking doesn't work yet, i'll add that soon!)

    How to update:
    I will have a copy of the newest config.yml on the Overview page of this plugin, simply copy the missing settings from there, or delete all your old files and start over from scratch, make sure to save a copy of your old files so you can set your old settings back the way they were!

    Thats about it! If you enjoyed please leave me a rating and follow me on spigot for more updates and plugins!

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