ScubaHelmet v1.3.5

Receive the same effects as the 1.13 conduit!

  1. ScubaHelmet v1.3.4

    Heyyyy... it's been a while since I've given this plugin some much-needed attention. Thanks to the reminders of someone on my discord livechat, I got started on a new rebuild of ScubaHelmet.

    This version only works on 1.14+
    Because of the new way Item Data is handled. I can't make it work with 1.13
    However, if you've been running a 1.13 server, I highly recommend upgrading to 1.14 as it brings a load of new features as well as performance updates, your players will love them, and you'll get to use this awesome new ScubaHelmet update ;)

    So, what's in this update? You probably won't notice any difference besides increased performance and less lag. I also added several new options to the configuration, so be sure to keep a backup and delete your old config to let ScubaHelmet make the new one for you.

    That's about it! If you enjoyed, please leave me a review and follow me on Spigot for more updates and other kewl plugins.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh, and i'm planning several more updates within the next couple weeks which will add more cool stuff ;p
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