ScubaHelmet v1.3.5

Receive the same effects as the 1.13 conduit!

  1. ScubaHelmet v1.3.5

    Big internal update.
    plugin is now faster, less resource intensive, and ever slightly more friendly ;)

    Most of the configuration file was changed.
    You'll have to delete your old one and let the new one generate.
    (don't forget to make a backup so you can copy your old settings over)

    Removed a couple command aliases, Helmet now acts as a vanilla mechanic. Only players with command permissions can use the ScubaHelmet command.

    Fixed something close to 20 bugs with...
  2. ScubaHelmet v1.3.4

    Heyyyy... it's been a while since I've given this plugin some much-needed attention. Thanks to the reminders of someone on my discord livechat, I got started on a new rebuild of ScubaHelmet.

    This version only works on 1.14+
    Because of the new way Item Data is handled. I can't make it work with 1.13
    However, if you've been running a 1.13 server, I highly recommend upgrading to 1.14 as it brings a load of new features as well as performance updates, your players will love them, and...
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  3. ScubaHelmet v1.3.3

    A truly watery update is here!

    And bringing with it Helmet durability, sounds, Effect cleanups, and of course, nasty old bug fixes... :>

    Helmet Durability:

    Options to enable or disable the ability for the helmet to have durability, aka, break after enough use... you can set the max durability in the config, as well as the durabilityLossRate, which is how fast the helmet loses its durability per second.
    ScubaHelmet will display the helmets current durability on the item, and will...
  4. ScubaHelmet v1.3.2

    Heyyy! i'm back with another update for y'all

    Fixed permission for /scubahelmet reload command not showing.

    Added the option to completely customize the potion effects which are given.

    You can save a copy of your original config, delete it. and upload version 1.3.2 then restart your server and copy your settings over to the new config.

    Or just simply add this to line 61 in your config.yml:

    Code (YAML):

    # Effects, Here you...
  5. ScubaHelmet v1.3.1

    Survival Friendly Update!!

    Added a crafting recipe for the ScubaHelmet!

    Set all the items and the pattern for the scubahelmet in the config.

    Backup a copy of your old ScubaHelmet config

    (for reference purposes)
    Then, upload version 1.3.1 and restart your server.

    If you enjoy this plugin please leave me a rating and follow me on spigot for more updates!!...
  6. ScubaHelmet v1.3.0

    Well, big update!!
    I completely re-wrote the plugin from scratch,
    twice actually, cause some files got messed up idk y
    so i just started over... xD

    Anyways, hope it works nicely, should be alot less lag, if not any at all.
    (It shouldn't lag at all)



    Neater Commands:
    /scubahelmet [give] [player] - give a helmet to another player
    /scubahelemt [get] - get a helmet for urself
    /scubahelemt [reload] - reload the config files!!...
  7. ScubaHelmet v1.2.1

    yeah... chat colors weren't working for some reason in 1.2.0
    this will fix that!
  8. ScubaHelmet v1.2.0

    No more cheating!
    Made it so that You have to have your head underwater to receive the effects of the ScubaHelmet!

    If you enjoy please leave me a rating!
  9. ScubaHelmet v1.1.1

    Improved Anti-Dupe
    You cant fake a ScubaHelmet anymore by placing a glass block on your head slot. No No, i wont have that!!! :giggle:

    Shortened Effect endurance length

    Cleaned up Config

    Delete your old ScubaHelmet Folder and .jar file,
    upload version 1.1.1 and restart your server!

    If you enjoy please leave me a rating!
  10. ScubaHelmet v1.1.0

    - fixed more console bugs
    - cleaned up code, plugin now runs quietly and obediently in the background like a good boi
    - the ability to give another player a helmet use /scubahelmet [player]
    requires the permission scuba.give
    - the ability to reset your helmet simply toggle the command /scubahelmet
    requires the permission scuba.use

    Please delete your Old folder named "ScubaHelmet"
    and the old .jar...