SecuredNetwork [1.7 - 1.18] - Protect your network from IP-forward bypass exploit. 3.4

A lightweight protection from IP-forward bypass exploit for your network.

  1. SecuredNetwork 3.4 - Reworked updater, shortened logged messages, added diagnostics command.

    - Reworked updater: the updater now runs independently every 3h and will only send messages to the console.

    - Shortened logged messages: changed the format of the logged connection-related messages; textures displayed were shortened to placeholders to reduce console spam.

    - Added diagnostics command: command /sn diagnostics can be used to retrieve the plugin version, plugin configuration and Java/JVM related information for the support to easily deal with problems and errors in configuration.
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  2. SecuredNetwork 3.3 - Fixed messaging bug.

    - Fixed messaging bug: there was a bug where 2 console messages would be printed one after each other. Please note that this bug was solely message-related and did not affect your network's security.

    It is recommended to never use plugins which can hide/remove messages (any) logged by the plugin completely. If you are using a plugin which hides messages from the console, but does not affect saving to the server's log files, it's okay. Please note that the logged login information are...
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  3. SecuredNetwork 3.2 - Logging rework, easier troubleshooting, added BoostedYAML.

    - Logging rework: the plugin's logging system has completely been reworked. Amount of the logged information has been reduced and now only logs important messages straight to the console.

    - Easier troubleshooting: troubleshooting should be much easier now with the new error messages and codes.

    - Added BoostedYAML: the plugin now uses BoostedYAML library. Please delete the SecuredNetwork directories (for the last time).
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  4. SecuredNetwork 3.1 - Complete rework and open-source release.

  5. SecuredNetwork 3.0 - Ping blocking switch, config changes.

    - Ping blocking switch [BACKEND]: The plugin has been using handshake packet (the first packet sent from the client to the server) to check and potentially reject the connections. Although the system was designed to be triggered only when a player logs in, it is also blocking server pings, which may break functionality of some plugins relying on ping information. Now, you've got a switch indicating whether to block server pings, or not.

    - Config changes [BACKEND]: There was a small change...
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  6. SecuredNetwork 2.9 - Property searching fix.

    - Property searching fix: The plugin has always been taking the last property to check it for the name and passphrase. However, if some other plugin added it's own property after SecuredNetwork had done so, it was the last. Therefore, this resulted in connection being rejected as the last property is incorrect. Now, all properties are checked (for the correct name, then for the passphrase).

    Change was done only on backend-side code, so replacing the .jar files on your backend servers is...
  7. SecuredNetwork 2.8 - New system, config changes, config changes, updater change.

    - New system: As of this new update, the plugin will now use completely new system to check if an user is connecting from your proxy. This led to massive changes in configuration, also shortened the setup instructions. Inspired by BungeeGuard.

    - Config changes: Config has been significantly shortened and changed. Please, regenerate it.

    - Command changes: Command syntax for reloading has been changed from /sn to /sn reload. For...
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  8. SecuredNetwork 2.7 - Partial recode, new config, command changes, 1.16 support...

    - Partial recode: Some parts of the plugin have been recoded.

    - New config: The configuration file was changed majorly.

    - Command changes: All commands have been deleted, except the reload one. Therefore, no one can change anything in-game and settings are accessible only though the configuration file.

    - 1.16 support: Support has been officially added for server version 1.16.

    - Database connection: Connection to the database was re-engineered and configurable timeouts have been added.

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  9. IPWhiteList 2.6 - Hostname wildcard problem.

    - Hostname wildcard problem: In the last version of IPWhiteList (2.5), I updated the plugin with re-engineered IP checking mechanism, in which (in code) I accidentally used different method with the same name as the correct one. This mistake affected only *. hostname prefix. I always test new updates before releasing them, but this hid from my eyes. I am sorry for any inconvenience.
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  10. IPWhiteList 2.5 - Logs, IP checking remake, list command change, config changes, bStats chart added.

    - Logs: Log files are now more detailed helping troubleshooting to be easier. Specifically, the IP player used to connect to the server can now be logged (it can be switched on and off in config.yml file). Also, a notice in the beginning of each log file was added.

    - IP checking remake: The full logic part was remade, as hostname wildcard (*.) was not supported by case-sensitive (and not-) prefixes.

    - List command change: /ipwl list <page> command was changed to...
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