SecuredNetwork [1.7 - 1.18] - Protect your server! 3.1

Lightweight but yet unbeaten protection for your server.

  1. SecuredNetwork 2.8 - New system, config changes, config changes, updater change.

    - New system: As of this new update, the plugin will now use completely new system to check if an user is connecting from your proxy. This led to massive changes in configuration, also shortened the setup instructions. Inspired by BungeeGuard.

    - Config changes: Config has been significantly shortened and changed. Please, regenerate it.

    - Command changes: Command syntax for reloading has been changed from /sn to /sn reload. For the proxy version, a new command /sn generate <length> is available. Also, all commands are now restricted only to console.

    - Updater change: Updater is now for the proxy version only.
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