SecuredNetwork (renamed IPWhiteList) [1.7 - 1.16] - Protect your server! 3.0

Lightweight but yet unbeaten protection for your server.

  1. SecuredNetwork 3.0 - Ping blocking switch, config changes.

    - Ping blocking switch [BACKEND]: The plugin has been using handshake packet (the first packet sent from the client to the server) to check and potentially reject the connections. Although the system was designed to be triggered only when a player logs in, it is also blocking server pings, which may break functionality of some plugins relying on ping information. Now, you've got a switch indicating whether to block server pings, or not.

    - Config changes [BACKEND]: There was a small change made in the config file, due to the new switch. Please, regenerate the config.yml file.

    Change was done only on backend-side code, so replacing the .jar files (and regenerating the configuration file) on your backend servers is enough.
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