Security Camera Plugin - CCTV [1.12 -> 1.17.1] CCTV V6.8

The BEST surveillance camera plugin for YOUR server! Camera, Computer and more! ⭐FOR FREE⭐

  1. AddNosje
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Streampy (Left dev team)
    Languages Supported:
    Dutch, Spanish, Polish and you can change everything self.
    Untitled (1).jpg

    Currently working on 1.17 version...
    Version 6.8 works on 1.17, but will show errors

    This plugin adds CCTV Camera's (Also called Security Cameras) to your Minecraft server! This plugin will add Cameras, CameraGroups, And Computers! Computers are made out of Nether Brick Stairs and contain a CameraGroup. this group contains several cameras you created. So when you right-click your Computer, you can select a camera, and connect to it! In the camera, you have an option to enable or disable night vision, to turn the camera left or right, and to skip to the next camera in the CameraGroup.


    First, we need to create a camera. Go to your spot where you want to make a camera. You can create a camera using the command /cctv camera create <name>.

    After you created your camera, you want to make a group. What's a group you may ask? A group is a collection of cameras that you have made. You can create a group by the following command: /cctv group create <name>. After you made your group you can add cameras to that group by using the following command /cctv group addcamera <groupName> <cameraName>. You can add as many cameras as you want to your group!

    You can view your camera using the command /cctv camera view <name>. Now you joined the camera, you can do multiple things as looking to the left and right but you can also zoom in (If you are using optifine, turn the speed zoom effect on) you can also use night vision.
    To leave the camera, you simple 'shift/crouch' in-game to leave it.

    You now have to make a computer. You can make a computer using /cctv computer get or crafting one (recipe below). now place the computer block. You can enter the computer by right-clicking the block. You will have a settings menu where you can add players to the computer who can access it and you can set the camera group! If you have set the camera group you now will see the camera's that you have added to the group!​

    25aa66e6b496b17eadc2659fe3b0f1e2-png.jpg crafting.PNG

    Untitled (2).jpg

    Player permissions (for survival):

    Basic (without you can't access any commands):




    Admin permissions (for creative/admins):

    cctv.admin or cctv.*


    Camera: (to view a camera thats disable)
    ONLY version 6.7:



    View: (chancing view of a other camera thats not yours) cctv.view.nightvision

    Camera Subcommands
    /cctv camera create (<ID: String>)
    /cctv camera delete (<ID: String>)
    /cctv camera view <ID: String>
    /cctv camera teleport <ID: String>
    /cctv camera rename <ID: String> <NewName: String>
    /cctv camera movehere <ID: String>
    /cctv camera return
    /cctv camera list (<Page: Int>)
    /cctv camera setowner <ID: String> <Player: String>
    /cctv camera get
    /cctv camera connected <ID: String>
    /cctv camera debug (toggle)
    /cctv camera disable <ID: String>
    /cctv camera enable <ID: String>
    /cctv camera search <What: String>
    ONLY version 6.7:
    /cctv camera show <ID: String>
    /cctv camera hide <ID: String>

    Group Subcommands
    /cctv group create <ID: String>
    /cctv group delete <ID: String>
    /cctv group addcamera <(GROUP)ID: String> <(CAM)ID: String>
    /cctv group removecamera <(GROUP)ID: String> <(CAM)ID: String>
    /cctv group setowner <ID: String> <Player: String>
    /cctv group rename <ID: String> <NewName: String>
    /cctv group info <ID: String>
    /cctv group list <Page: Int>
    /cctv group search <What: String>

    Computer Subcommands
    /cctv computer get
    /cctv computer list <Page: Int>
    /cctv computer open <ID: String>
    /cctv computer search <What: String>
    /cctv computer setowner <ID: String> <Player: String>
    /cctv computer teleport <ID: String>

    Command Sub-command args[1] args[2]

    Server using this plugin:


    Last Words

    We tried our best to make this plugin work as well as possible!
    Found any bugs? Please join our Discord server so we can help you out!
    Please do not post the Errors in the comments, as they spam the commands.​

    Thank you for using our Plugin! You have the permission to use it for whatever you want, but please, do not claim ownership of our plugin, or post it somewhere else.​

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Recent Reviews

  1. WIktor6501
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    My friends loved it my staff loved it too much Xd very nice plugin i would
    recomend this plugin to users that are making an server with staff.
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey Wiktor!

      Thanks for your review!
      We really loved creating this plugin!
      And we are really glad that you like it too.
  2. MrPiggy105
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    This is a great plugin and I recommend installing it on your Spigot/Bukkit server. It works on 1.17.1 if I installed it from the Multicraft plugin list (downloading the jar file and uploading to FTP didn't work). I would like a way to change the appearance of some items, like make cameras have stands instead of floating in mid-air or a way to make cameras invisible. Hitting it with a splash invisibility potion didn't work, and neither did using a command.

    Otherwise, this plugin is very good.

    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey MrPiggy!

      Thanks for your review, I am glad that you like the plugin!
      I am currently working on a version which has multiple camera skins and the option to make the camera invisible.

      Though this version has a lot of errors now, i hope you can wait until it gets released. Hope to see a review of the new version when it is out!
  3. dominikvoksa
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    Hello I have a small problem I have your plugin on my server 1.17.1 and unfortunately I am lagging the server because I have a larger number of cameras on the server and unfortunately the server is lagging because I have these cameras there.

    From the words of my pluginmaster, the cameras are set as armorstand, so the server is chopping, is this possible to fix ??

    Furthermore, after removing the camera, they are still physically on the server, but they no longer work and buzz. Please seek advice or repair. Otherwise a great plugin.
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey dominikvoksa,

      I have helped you already in Discord.
      Thanks for your review!
  4. SGKYT
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    Add recording feature too
    and its all good please add please!!!!!!!
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey SGKYT,

      We have discussed about adding a recording feature,

      But this would be really difficult to make and most servers won't be able to use our plugin anymore, as the plugin will be really heavy after that.

      Thanks for your review though!
  5. test112211
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    Excellent resource!
    i doens't matter what you want, from castles to normal houses. great!!!
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!

      I am really glad that you like our plugin! <3
  6. SuperCreeper_20
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    Great plugin, it works fine in 1.17 for me, but i have a question: is there a way to make a public computer that all players can enter?
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey SuperCreeper!

      Thanks for your review.
      There is currently no option for that. Though you can add that via a skript and some commands!

      Good luck!
  7. Eciok
    Version: CCTV V6.8
    Super plugin dziękuje za język Polski powodzenia w dalszym rozwijaniu wtyczki. Daje 5 gwiazdek
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Nie ma problemu! Cieszę się, że podoba Ci się wtyczka!
  8. Lautje
    Version: CCTV V6.7
    Good and useful, has most features, but is there a way to customize the recipes?
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey Lautje!

      Thanks for your review! Right now, there is not an option to customize the crafting recipe. We may ass this in the future. If you could pitch this idea in our Discord server, that would be great!
  9. DavidBundari
    Version: CCTV V6.7
    Español: Me encanto el plugin, full recomendado, quienes puedan realizarle una donación al autor, esta bien merecida. Solo quisiera recomendarle al autor, cambiar la escalera del nether "computador" por una cabeza de jugador que tenga aspecto de Monitor o de Computador.

    English: I loved the plugin, fully recommended, who can make a donation to the author, it is well deserved. I would just like to recommend to the author, change the (nether ladder) "computer" for a player head that looks like a Monitor or a Computer.
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Hey DavidBundari!

      Thanks for your review. We have worked really hard making this plugin. If you want to donate to us, our donation link is: Thanks for your suggestion to change the computer to a head, but this will sadly not become a feature.
  10. TheGreatDoggo
    Version: CCTV V6.6
    Amazing plugin! easy to understand and very useful , even better knowing it is free :D
    1. AddNosje
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply! We worked hard on it, and it is nice to hear that you like our plugin!