Security Camera Plugin - CCTV [1.12 -> 1.17.1] CCTV V6.8

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  1. CCTV Update #049

    You can now hide cameras!
    You can do this with the following commands:
    /cctv camera hide <name>
    /cctv camera show <name>
    This comes with the permission:
    This permission is for the hide & show command.

    The "Connecting..." and "Disconnecting..." text was big and took a long time to go away. It has now been made smaller and will only be on your screen for a second.

    And yes, this is the real 6.7 update. (Not the one that was updated a few months back). Why are there nearly no updates? The head developer left the dev team, so this plugin will only get few, small updates.
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