Security v1.0.0

It logs EVERYTHING that happens on YOUR server

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    Note: This Plugin will no longer be supported!

    What is Security?

    Security is a plugin which allows you to log everything that happens on your server in a log file.

    Why should I use Security?
    You should use Security because it logs everything that happens on your server. You can also choose what you want to log. Security offers you a lot of setting options. With the command '/notify' you can choose, whether you want to display the log in chat or not.

    How do I install Security?
    You download the plugin and drag in into your plugins folder. You just need to restart/reload the server and it's done :)

    What are the setting options?
    These are the setting options:
    Code (Text):
    Log-Block-Break: true
    Log-Block-Place: true
    Log-Enchant-Item: true
    Log-Player-Achievement: true
    Log-Player-Change-World: true
    Log-Player-Commands: true
    Log-Player-Gamemode-Change: true
    Log-Player-Join: true
    Log-Player-Kick: true
    Log-Player-Login: true
    Log-Player-Quit: true
    Log-Player-Teleport: true
    Log-Player-Flight: true
    Log-Plugin-Disable: true
    Log-Plugin-Enable: true
    If you have more things I can add, just tell me :)

    There is just one permission for the command '/notify': security.notify

    Here is the source code:
    Have fun with it ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. DukerBro
    Version: v1.0.0
    Really good! Maby you could remove the Colorcodes in the Log. Like §cSecurity. I wish a little bit more for the Config. The Prefix and a messages.yml :D That would be really nice.
    1. CBPlugins
      Author's Response
      Okay. I think I will rewrite it too because it's a very old plugin of me :D Thank you for your review :)