SellBlocks 1.2

Automatically sell item drops within a range of a SellBlock.

  1. RuthlessJailer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    SellBlocks lets you configure an area where items that are dropped (such as a farm), are automatically sold and the money credited to your account. No chests or storage systems needed!

    Setting up

    This plugin depends on Essentials, Vault, WorldEdit [6.1.9], and WorldGuard [6.2.2].
    Make sure to add each plugin to your server's plugin folder.

    Installing this plugin is just like installing any other plugin:
    1. Download the jar
    2. Locate the folder your server.jar is in
    3. Find the plugins folder
    4. Drag and drop the downloaded jar into your plugins folder and restart the server
    To begin using SellBlocks, find an area where you wish to collect items. Place a block that will become your sellblock.
    Once you have located a suitable place run /sellblock add.
    You will be prompted to break a block.

    Next, drop the item that you wish to collect. After doing so, you will have successfully registered a sellblock!
    (here's the link if Spigot is being funny)

    To remove a sellblock, follow the same procedure, but instead run /sellblock remove.

    SellBlocks will automatically hook into WorldGuard to protect your sellblocks.

    [​IMG] (here's the link if Spigot is being funny)

    Now, when an item of the type you set is dropped within the pickup distance (configurable), it will be automatically sold and credited to your account.

    [​IMG] (here's the link if Spigot is being funny)

    Other info


    Code (Text):

    /sellblock add - adds a sellblock
    /sellblock remove - removes a sellblock
    /sellblock list - lists all current sellblocks with their location, owner, and type

    /sellblock limit <Player> <Limit> - set a custom limit for a player
    /sellblock save - saves all sellblocks
    /sellblock load - loads all sellblocks

    /sellblock reload - reloads configs


    General permissions
    The permission syntax is based solely on the command's name. The permission syntax base is SellBlocks.command.sellblock.<command_name>. For example, permission to run /sellblock limit Notch 15 would be SellBlocks.command.sellblock.limit. /sellblock add is SellBlocks.command.sellblock.limit.
    Permissions are ignored if a player is an operator.

    Special permissions

    Star [*] permission
    The star permission is SellBlocks.command.*, which grants permission to run all commands. If a player is an operator then permissions are ignored.

    Bypass limit permission
    The permission to bypass the sellblock creation limit is SellBlocks.command.sellblock.add.bypass.

    Every aspect of this plugin is configurable.
    Code (Text):

      "pickup_distance": 25,
      "region_id_format": "sellblock_${PLAYER}_/${LOCATION}/_${TYPE}",
      "default_sellblock_limit": 10,
      "save_interval_minutes": 5,
      "debug": false
    Code (Text):

      "run_help": "&eRun &b/sellblocks help &cfor a list of commands",
      "players_limit": "&b${PLAYER}'s &asellblock limit is &b${LIMIT}&a.",
      "set_limit": "&aSet &b${PLAYER}'s &asellblock limit to &b${LIMIT}&a.",
      "reached_limit": "&cYou have reached the limit of &b${LIMIT} &csellblocks.",
      "instruction_break_block_add": "&eBreak the block that you wish to make a sellblock",
      "instruction_break_block_remove": "&eBreak the block that you wish to remove as a sellblock",
      "saving": "saving",
      "loading": "loading",
      "reloading": "reloading",
      "no_sellblocks": "&cDoh! There are no sellblocks! &aRun &b/sellblock add &ato make the first one!",
      "list_item": "&b${PLAYER} &[email protected] &b${LOCATION}&3: &b${TYPE}",
      "players_only": "&cPlayers only, retard",
      "not_your_sellblock": "&cThat's not one of your sellblocks idiot",
      "not_a_sellblock": "&cThat's not a sellblock, dingus",
      "removed_sellblock": "&6Removed sellblock at location &8${LOCATION}",
      "already_a_sellblock": "&cThat's already a sellblock, retard",
      "location_set": "&aLocation set to &8${LOCATION}",
      "instruction_drop_item": "&eDrop the item that you wish to collect",
      "too_close": "&cToo close to another sellblock of the same type; please be at least ${DISTANCE} blocks away",
      "cannot_sell": "&cYou cannot sell that type of item.",
      "item_set": "&aItem set to ${TYPE}",
      "registered_success": "&6Successfully registered a sellblock to &b${PLAYER} &6at &8${LOCATION} &6with item &b${TYPE}"

    If you need help, hop on my discord and I'll be glad to help you!

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