SellChest [1.8-1.14] Automatically sell items in chests! (VoidChests) 1.1.2

A simple block that conveniently sells anything placed inside of it.

  1. Bug fixes

    • Added some better error checking when a SellChest location is messed up (and much less spam)
    • Fixed possible compatibility issue with Multiverse-Core
  2. A few small updates

    • Added CMI hook
    • Numbers are no longer displayed in scientific notation.
    • Other stuff I forgot.
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  3. Added 1.14 support (had an error before)

    • Added 1.14 support for setting chest names
    • Fixed error caused by not having the above ^
    (also sorry i accidentally skipped from 1.0.8 to 1.1.0 but don't feel like reverting the git stuff so i'll just leave it lol)
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  4. Yet another patch

    • Fixed entries in the locations file duplicating to create a large file size
  5. Small patch

    • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin not to load up sometimes
  6. Bug fixes and small option

    • Fixed a bug where you could place voidchests over the player limit
    • Added config option to make voidchests unbreakable against explosions and fire
    • Optimized parts of the code and other small bug fixes
  7. Another small patch

    • Fixed an error when placing sellchests in 1.13 servers
    • Added metrics
  8. Small bug fix

    • Fixed an bug where setting the chest title in 1.13 wouldn't set and would send an error in console.
  9. New features

    • You can now set the title of the chest inventory (sorry this wasn't a thing yet).
    • You can now set up an interval message that tells players their recent earnings (configurable, set to 0 to disable).
  10. Limit feature and bug fix

    • You can now limit the number of SellChests a player is able to place using permissions (explained in config).
    • Fixed annoying error that would spam console.
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