SellGUI 1.0.1

Simple and Easy Custom Selling Menu

  1. v1.0.1 Recompile

    • Recompiled to work with older java versions
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  2. v1.0.1

    • Fixed minor error when clicking outside the inventory
    • Updated default item total format in lang file
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  3. Hello.

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I did any plugin development and the last update.
    I haven't tested the old version of this plugin on 1.16 but I assume it doesn't work.
    I recoded the plugin and tried to include all the features and even some new ones.

    I'll be updating the plugin page with documentation and info.

    edit: this is basically a new plugin and will most likely come with bugs / errors. Please let me know about them and I'll fix them asap.
    Also feel free to request features. :)
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  4. v2.0.3

    QUICK FIX - Permissions not being checked for commands.
  5. v2.0.2

    • Fixed /sell reload
    • Added item blacklisting
    • Fixed issue with item selling when trying to remove from inventory
  6. v2.0.1 Bug Fix

    There is a bug in the default PluginConfig file when selling items with enchants (I think)
    This should fix that -
    Try deleting the indent before Multiply:
    so that it says
    Code (Text):
    Enchant: true
    Multiply: true
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  7. v2.0.1

    If you are updating from v2.0 - Add this to your PluginConfig or delete it and let it regen.
    Code (Text):
    Enchants: true
    Multiply: true
    • Added Custom Item support /customitems - Allows you to insert custom items with metadata and sell them at different prices.
    • Added Enchantment Support
    • Added reload command - /reload (kinda, sometimes works)
    • Fixed small issues
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  8. v2.0 (Incomplete)

    Warning this is an untested version and only provides the core selling mechanic for MC v1.13. Is meant to give a feel of the plugin for v1.13. Looking for suggestions and or features to be added.
    Please report any bugs in the Discussion


    Any version below 1.13 is not supported.

    Read the plugin page for key information

    Many of the previous features are yet to unimplemented
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  9. Update

    Hey, sorry for the silence.
    Kinda dropped off and not really playing minecraft anymore
    Looking to see if anyone still wants this updated to 1.13
    I'm looking to get back into coding and this could be fun for me again.
    If you still want 1.13 feel free to let me know!
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  10. v1.13 Recode Progress

    The recode for v1.13 is about 60% completed so far. I've been busy in my daily responsibilities. I have mostly stopped playing minecraft and I have lost a lot of motivation to continue developing minecraft plugins. These are some reasons progress is slow. Please show some support if you wish the plugin to be updated. Even just a reply on the discussion would show that that you want the update. If a good amount of people want the plugin to be updated to 1.13 than I'll be more motivated and...
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