SellInv 1.11.2


  1. facemywrath
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    I had a friend come up to me and tell me he wanted a plugin that when you type a command it opens an inventory where you can throw items in to sell them. So I made it.

    That's essentially it.

    The only permission node is 'sellinv.use' which gives them permission to use the only command:

    There's a config with every material in the game. This does not include items with metadata, such as different types of wood. For that you need to specify the durability of the item. Check for full list of items and their durabilities.
    As well in the config there is the useDurability option. When disabled, this will always grab the price of the 0th durability slot. Useful for things like axes or shovels.

    It has vault integration so...
    Download Vault:

    I also added error codes:

    -x01 means the item is sellable, but the price is zero. obviously you can see how that would cause problems.
    -x02 means that the specific item, or item and durability, is not currently listed in the config. It is recommended you start from scratch and remove the config.

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  1. Officially working
  2. Removed debug string
  3. Added metadata option

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  1. RubyDev
    Version: 1.11.2
    Nice Plugin dude! Very useful and helps me a lot and I wish to hopefully use it soon.

    ~ RubyDev