Send to Hastebin (IntelliJ) 1.0.4

A plugin for IntelliJ which allows you to send snippets of code to Hastebin.

  1. CraftedFury
    Brian Graham (CraftedFury)
    Notice: The domain of the version uploaded here will default to

    This plugin adds an option when right clicking in the code window to send your selected text to Hastebin.

    It has the following configurable settings:
    • Domain
    • Port
    • Secure Connection (HTTPS)
    • File Associations (Will append the file extension to the url for correct syntax highlighting)
    • Log Paste History
    • Localization Messages
    It will locally cache each link it generates for you and you can view them in a separate tab from the settings window. This option can be toggled off, and you can even clear the entire log.

    Source: View on Net Coding Bitbucket
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