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Lets be honest, there are not many kit creation tools that allow you to save your inventory to a kit

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    Need a KitPvP plugin? Well then, stay on this page, the best kit pvp plugin has now been revealed to you. This plugin has many features. Some of them include: Sign selections, Permissions per kit (optional) and more.

    Permissions per kit, is an option in the config which is by default set to false, for example if I create a kit called Barbarian. The player will need the permission node: sensationkits.kit.barbarian, which is essential if you're going to want to give players rewards for donating/voting.

    • /listkits = returns the kits that the player can and cannot use.
    • /selectkit <kitname> = let's the player choose that kit and get the items of that kit.
    • /kitcreate <kitname> = creates a kit with the kitname (it takes ALL the items out of your inventory and puts it into the kit).
    • /kitremove <kitname> = removes the kit that you've specified.
    • sensationkits.list = gives the player access to /listkits
    • sensationkits.oneperlife = only one kit per life (note: if you give the person the wildcard permission node which is the asterisk symbol *, and you want them to not have one kit per life then use the node: - - sensationkits.oneperlife) essentially that just excludes it from the wildcard node.
    • sensationkits.kitcreate = gives you permission to create a kit.
    • sensationkits.kitremove = gives you permission to remove a kit.
    IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION-PER-KIT = true IN CONFIG and you want to grant a player access to a kit, then use 'sensationkits.kit.[YOURKITNAME]. If it's set to false, everyone will have access to every kit.

    How to make a sign selection
    First line: [SelectKit] Second line: <YourKit>


    - Allow users to set potion effects on a kit (coming next SensationKits 1.2 update). - Set countdown option (coming next SensationKits 1.2 update).

    English tutorial

    French tutorial

    Japanese tutorial

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Recent Reviews

  1. Demolition2015
    Version: 1.5
    Hey amazing plugin but addd cooldowns for kits!
    example: kitname cooldown in config, add this and i will rate this plugin 5 stars!
  2. MrWonka
    Version: 1.5
    This plugin works great! We use is on RedstoneMC!
    1. neilnet
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Haha, first review. Cheers mate