SeriousRP 3.9.9

You love Roleplay servers ? This plugin is very strong in this field !

  1. BIG UPDATE ! SeriousRP totally reworked !

    Hello guys ! It's been a while, I worked a lot on Github with some beta, alphas and gammas :p
    But ! I release a plugin clean and running, all the plugin has been reworked with new methods.

    For the phones, they will be there at the version 4.0.0, but now, I disabled the modules for more stability :)
    If you want details from this update, don't hesitate to come to SRP Discord. And if you want to report...
  2. Mobile GUI and Medics module

    Hi guys ! It's been a while, I work a lot on this project and I finally finished the Mobile GUI. Many beta passed on my github ( but now I release a Gamma (next step is "release") so now the plugin is in 3.9.8-3.0g

    4 new commands appears for the mobile and for medics module

    Code (Text):
    permission: seriousrp.where
    /revive <player>
    Code (Text):
    permission: seriousrp.medicrevive
    /medinfo <player>...
  3. New name for /phone

    The /phone is now /mobile (for some reason of imcompatibilty with others plugins)
  4. Oh my god there is a phone right there ?

    After many month of work, I made a phone, it's not working at this time, but you can use it for teleport you to the town (if the module is activated).
    And you can discover all the new features for now they are locked but it will come after ;)

    Thanks for you patience, and if you need help for seomthing don't hesitate to send me a email at [email protected]
  5. Translation update !

    Hi guys, I work a little on the translation files (config files) for organize them, and I found a bug, so I can provide you a patch near January 2018 but for the moment you juste have to take the config on the plugin page of your language and copy this text on the config.yml in the plugin folder.

    Sorry :)
  6. Where is the town ?!

    • Correction of the sentence in french in the config.yml
    • Added new line on config.yml too for the new command.
    I added a new command for search the coordinates of the town, by the simple command /srtown where with the permission : seriousrp.townwhere

    I work a lot on the phone and I promise you it will be great ;)
  7. Craft recipes + bug fixes

    Hello guys, I come with a new update for SeriousRp, I add a crafting recipe for "give" you beef with 8 rotten fleshs and 1 bowl.
    I fixe some minor plugins, and I prepare the phone update :D
  8. Fix for the 3.8 version + some adjustements

    Hey, I did a little mistake for the 3.8 and the adaptation for the version 1.11 of Minecraft, the plugin did not work anymore.

    I did the best of I can for publish to you a fix and there he is :)
    I did by the way many adjustements like :
    • The invicible time when you do a /srtp the time before the update (for the effects) was 100 milliseconds, and now it's 50 milliseconds.
    • The radius of the random teleportation was 1000 blocks and now 10000 blocks
    I am sorry for the caused...
  9. Adaptation to 1.11

    Nothing has changed, just a few corrections of many bugs with beta phones and beta backpack.
    There is a new boot sequence if you want to see it in the console.

    Thanks a lot for your 82 downloads ! I'm doing the best of I can :D
  10. The slowness update !

    Hey everyone ! I work for a long time for a new system. So when you fall of a 3 blocks minimum you gonna have slowness.

    I remove the system of the phone, because the latter creates bugs.

    Besoin d'aide ? Vous voulez ajouter une traduction ? Ou une suggestion ?
    Need help ? Want to add a translation ? Or maybe a suggestion ?
    --> [email protected] <--​