SerkCore 1.1

Provides a solid core for SerkProjects plugins

  1. SonarBeserk
    Version: 1.1

    Useful premade classes to reduce code duplication.

    The purpose of this is to provide a shared set of classes to be used for making plugin development quicker and more consistent.

    * Language System
    * Message Sending Utility class
    * Data System
    * Versioned config and language file support

    Extra Librarys Included:
    * Joda Time -
    * Trove -

    * None

    * None

    An Example configuration file for a bukkit plugin may be found at at

    Language Support:
    The provided language system makes use of default language files to prevent severe errors.

    An example default file for a bukkit plugin may be found at

    A custom language may be selected by the language setting in the config. Due to the design of the language system, any missed messages in that language will come from the default language file to avoid errors.