ServeChoice - Limiting /Server 1.2

Tired of people PvP /server-ing? Check out ServeChoice and see how easy it is to limit /server!

  1. hcherndon
    Limit the /server command!​
    @hcherndon - Manager, Author​
    Plugin Requested by: 4rr0ws
    No one ever told me I had the wrong plugin on the original post...​
    Simple plugin, don't want people to switch server without using your portal, say doing /server hub from your PvP server to escape combat, but you still want people to be able to /server PvP from outside servers? Then this is the plugin for you! It is simple and lightweight with dynamic config checking. (No need to reload or restart the server/plugin after initial install!) Also comes with a reformatted /server command!​
    The configs will self generate on first startup. (As they all do. :p)​
    To limit a server, just put on one line the name of the server. More than one server? Sure! Just hit your enter key and put another server name! For example on my test community I have 2 servers. (lobby, other) And I don't want any of my players going to either of the servers, so in my config I would put:​
    To disable people from using /server to leave a specified server, do the same as noAnywhere.txt! Just type the name of the server, using lines for multiple! People will be able /server into this server, but are not allowed to /server out of this server! Examples:
    People are now not allowed to leave my lobby server using /server! >:D
    It is that simple!​
    Wait... permissions? What?​
    I'm too lazy to figure out GitHub. But if you want it that bad I can put it up on GitHub at a later time. :p
    There shouldn't be any errors that are caused by this plugin, but as Java is, there are bound to be some errors. Please help me out and report those errors so I can fix them!​
    If you have any requests, please feel free to comment below! :3​
    Thanks for downloading ServeChoice!​
    Like a sir,​

    hcherndon :3​
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    First review on the oldest plugin? Oyus. Gr8 plugin if you still use 1.5! Lol! Mind updating it? It's aight