Server Birthday 2015-12-22

Celebrate the 'birthday' of your server in style

  1. InteSvensk
    Server Birthday

    I created this plugin just to fill some time, and decided to release it. Celebrate the birthday of Your Server in a unique and possibly refreshing way. With Server Birthday, you can announce to users of the special occasion when they join, allow them to ride other players, and even give them powers. In the future I hope to add configuration for multiple Potion Effects, administration set times for the potions, and other birthday themed effects.

    Just add the plugin to your /plugins folder, and restart your server. The default config.yml will be created and can be amended to suit your server settings.

    None as of yet, but there may be in the future

    This plugin doesn't have any / prefixed commands, but does however use a chat based command for riding other players.
    "[RIDE] PlayerName", without quotes and with a valid PlayerName, will allow you, or your users to ride ontop of the designated player, providing you are in the same world.

    You can amend the following options in plugins/ServerBirthday/config.yml:

    ;Date: 1
    :This is the day that the Server Birthday falls on

    ;Month: 1
    :This is the month in which the Server Birthday occurs

    //For example; with a Server Birthday falling on October 12th, put the Date as 12 and the Month as 10.//

    ;birthday.announce.userjoin: true
    :Announces to a user, in GOLD, when they join on the Server Birthday

    :"Today is ServerName's Birthday!"
    :This can be changed to whatever message YOU want to display to users when they join on the Server Birthday.
    :Again, this will appear in GOLD. birthday.announce.userjoin must be set to true to display this

    ;birthday.perks.fastHeal: false
    :Decide whether a user has Regeneration 2 for 144000 ticks (2 hours). (In Future Updates, duration and strength will be configurable)

    ;birthday.perks.canRide: false
    :Decide whether a user can use the chat based command to ride another player

    To ride another player on the Birthday, users can type [RIDE] <playername>. Ride must be in capitals and with the [] brackets.

    This chat-based command doesn't require a / prefix.
    Coming Soon

    ;Upcoming features:
    :Ability to amend date from ingame
    :Ability to reload config from ingame
    :Ability to change the Strength and Duration of the potion
    :Ability to choose between potion effects.