Server Chat Muter 4.0.0

A simple and lightweight plugin for muting your chat, commands, and more!

  1. 4.0.0 — Completely re-written! More customization and mute commands!

    The plugin has been completely re-written! You should be using this version instead of the old ones as they are now obsolete and no longer supported going forward. Notable changes are below:


    - The customization system has been completely re-vamped with the ability to change the following messages: when a player tries to speak during a mute, when a mute starts, when a mute ends, when a player bypasses a mute with permission, and the outputs of the new command...
  2. Correct Jar File in Place

    • Incorrect jar file was uploaded prior.
  3. Improved & Updated

    After quite some time of me not really looking towards these smaller projects, I've come back to tweak them a bit to make sure they're in good health and highly functional. Here's a changelog:
    • No more internal error messages from commands.
    • Customizable server mute message. (via config)
    • Customizable server mute removal message. (via config)
    • Customizable server bypass message. (via config)
    • Customizable server mute message for players trying to speak. (via config)
    • More...
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