Server Control Reloaded 6.8

This plugin is used to watch the chat of players, manage your worlds and more!

  1. BanSystem and Economy update

    + Added new command /immune <player>
    This command will protect you from /ban, /kick, /warn, /jail
    + Added clear button into trash menu (/trash)

    + Fixed /spawner...
  2. Error fix

    + Optimized enchants
    Added command /enchantremove <enchant>
    Added command /enchantremoveall
    + Optimized kits
  3. Bugs fixed

    + Fixed bugs
    + Fixed economy
    + Fixed console errors
    Required plugin TheAPI
  4. Straiker123 leaving project, Added broadcast when operator kick/ban/mute.. a player

    + Added broadcast when operator kick/ban/mute.. a player
    + Fixed bugs
    + Updated API
    + Added BanSystemAPI
    + To the API added getBanSystemAPI method
    - Addons these using BanSystem methods in API required update! (hasMute, hasBan..)
    * The current owner of the SCR plugin (Straiker123) is leaving, Houska02 becomes the new owner of the SCR plugin
  5. Config update!

    + New ConfigAPI available in API (Create and edit configs more easily than before)
    + Optimized loading of configs
    - Removed from API getters and savers of configs (From Configs class too)
    - Addons required update!
  6. Bugs fixed (again), Added new command

  7. Fixed errors

    + Fixed errors
    + Added protection against these errors
  8. Bugs fixed

    + Fixed bugs with missing classes
    + Fixed kit cost
    + Optimized economy commands
  9. Release!

    + Fixed issue with Jobs plugin (Economy bug)
    - Removed economy events
    + Added /Nick and /NickReset commands
    + Optimized plugin
    + Fixed AFK
    + Fixed ChatFormat
    + Added warning system for /Restart, /Stop and /Reload
    + Added /exp command
  10. Bugs fixed, Added placeholders

    + Added placeholders to Tablist and scoreboard: Tps, Ram_Max, Ram_Usage, Ram_Free, Ram_Usage_Percentage, Ram_Free_Percentage
    + Fixed spamming AFK
    + Added EconomyAPI