Server Control Reloaded 8.4

Manage join & quit messages, a huge amount of useful commands for players & admins and much more!

  1. Finally! Another update! Support 1.18

    + Added translations from Crowdin (
    + Fixed problems on join player (disconnecting - proxy)
    + Fixed portals - send to another server on enter (/portal server [portal] [server-name])
    + Fixed portal server command
    + Added new RU trans from @Ilya1323 :aheart:...
  2. Yes, we are still alive!

    + Updated to new TheAPI
    + Support our work and help us translate the entire SCR into Czech, Russian and many other languages! Participation is voluntary and completely free of charge!

    + GUICreator improvements
    + Added HDB Support...​
  3. Support 1.17

    + Added support for 1.17
    + New GUICreator (Fully tested!)
    + Fixed errors on disabling plugin - if PAPI isn't installed
    + Fixed /Stop, /Restart and /Reload commands if WarningSystem of these commands is disabled
    + Fixed Portals for 1.17
    + Fixed compatibility with 1.7.10 - 1.12.2
    :remove: From GUICreator removed...

    + Fixed errors & bugs on 1.7.10
    + Reorganized default Config.yml
    + Added missing /mw tp Command
    + Fixed disabling of Fly
    + Added translations for /baltop Header & Footer
    + Improved loading of /balancetop
    + Fixed hand animation for FarmingSystem
    + Added SCR...
  5. BungeeCord support, AFK Actions, Portals, New features for kits

    + Improved loading of Translation files
    + Fixed CZ & SK translations for /Item command
    + Fixed Repair command (Now you can "repair" only tool or armor)
    + Fixed bugs
    + Fixed ItemUse
    + Added kickBack action & ability to set permission for Portals
    + Fixed afk status on disonnect...
  6. Fixed bugs & new functions

    + Optimized safeLocation teleport
    + Fixed safeLocation teleport
    + Added middle click to GUICreator
    + Added data & modelData to GUICreator
    + Fixed a bug that allowed players to pay a negative amount -> /pay * -2k
    + Improved performance of coloring of messages
    + Added null exception...
  7. Many bugs fixed, Added new commands

    + Added Metrics
    + Fixed rainbow chat format
    + Fixed name of permission for prevent of changing gamemode on change world: SCR.Other.GamemodeChangePrevent
    + Fixed errors on loading on sever version 1.12. and older
    + Added new Anvil command
    + Removed unused gui class
    + Fixed Vanish
    + Added a new feature for chat - tagging other players on the server (Hello StraikerinaCZ -> play sound for player StraikerinaCZ and color player's name "StraikerinaCZ" with color - ex. red)
    + Added new feature for...
  8. Kits update

    + Added new options for kits!
    1. List of commands when a player receives a kit
    2. List of messages when a player receives a kit
    + Fixed header of configs
  9. Fixed bugs, Fixed permissions & commands

    + Added Metrics
    + Added to the Config.yml, option to disable Metrics
    + BalanceTop is now async
    + Fixed reloading of configs via command SCR Reload
    + Added missing permission for Gamemode command
    + Fixed loading & reloading of configs
    + WhoIs command is now async (Sync sometimes cause...
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  10. Renamed permissions

    + Renamed permissions (From ServerControl.. to SCR.Other..)
    + Renamed config section Disabled-Items to Disallowed-Items