Server Info [1.8 - 1.11] [No longer supported] 0.0.2

A plugin that provides various information about your server.

  1. WaterXCubic
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
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    Server Info - A plugin that provides various information about your server.

    Server info is my first plugin ever published to spigot, this plugin provides different information about your server and it allows better management of your server.This plugin is also Lightweight which means it won't cause lags.

    Features -
    A small GUI about the information of your server, including

    • Server name
    • Online player count
    • Maximum memory
    • Allocated memory
    • Free memory
    • Server time
    Values in Online player count, maximum, allocated, and free memory, server time are updated instantly.
    There are also currently two buttons to manage your server, including
    • Stop button
    • Reload button
    Both of the buttons will have a 10 seconds cooldown in chat before actually
    stopping / reloading the server.

    Commands -
    • /serverinfo (/si) - Opens up a GUI about your server -
    Config -
    In the config file (which can be found inside plugins\ServerInfo), you can set your prefix to anything in order to change the prefix in the stop / reload message.
    (\xbb is what makes the » sign.)
    Screenshots -
    A screenshot of the GUI :
    Features :

    • Compass - Server name
    • Skull - Player counter
    • Red stained glass - Maximum memory
    • Yellow stained glass - Allocated memory
    • Green stained glass - Free memory
    • Blue stained glass - Memory usage (in %)
    • Clock - Server time
    • Barrier - Stop server (Permission : ServerInfo.stop)
    • Redstone - Reload server (Permission : ServerInfo.reload)
    A screenshot of the countdown message :

    Thanks for having a look at my plugin, I will appreciate any comments.
    I hope you guys still enjoy it. <3

    My SMP Faction server : / (Hub 2)

    My Projects :
    Shulker box plus -
    Portable chest -
    Server info -

    Throwing Knifes -

    Cube Generator -

    請不要在未經本人同意下轉載文章, Please do NOT post this plugin in other forums WITHOUT my permission.
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