Server List / Staff List 1.0

Shows the staff online and the online players.

  1. Triston
    Current permissions:
    stafflist.view : Ability to view the staff list
    list.staff : show up on the /list as staff
    owner.list admin.list mod.list helper.list

    Current commands:

    /list > Opens list
    /staff or /stafflist > opens online staff list

    Future plans:

    I plan to add a config and UUID support,
    as well as staff hidden ability so staff can become
    invisible on the staff list even with the permission node.

    Skype: Dev.Relax
    email: [email protected]
    contact me for information or custom skripts

Recent Reviews

  1. thebbduf33
    Version: 1.0 Is not a Valid plugin file??
    Needs .jar

    Please fix as i would love to download!!
    I want this plugin for my server and also can you add Bungeecord support?
    Once you fix the download it will be 5 stars
  2. NavoukSky
    Version: 1.0
    Server List / Staff List is a very useful plugin. See how many players are online or maybe see what type of staff are online too. Very useful tool.

    Great Work! :)
    1. Triston
      Author's Response
      Thanks! If think I should add anything let me know or just pm me if you want custom skripts :D