Server Monitor 1.0

Provides an efficient way to monitor your servers resources.

  1. DeadEnd78
    An efficient way to monitor your servers resources.

    Server Monitor provides information about how your server is doing, memory wise. It includes a color-coded memory usage percentage [green=good, yellow=medium, red=high], the players count, the entity count, and a configurable message at the bottom.


    /servermonitor [alias: /sm]
    Currently, there is no way to stop the report after it has been started. If you would like to stop it, just reload/restart your server. Sorry!

    There are only two permissions:
    servermonitor.start (ability to begin the report timer)
    servermonitor.see (ability to see the report)
    ! Operators have automatic access to see & start the report. !

    Code (Text):
    #Server Monitor created by memorycode
    #Version 1.0
    #Build Status FULL
    #There are various comments throughout the config to help you

    ConfigVersion: 1 #DO. NOT. CHANGE.

    timer: 5 #Interval of which the memory report displays (IN MINUTES)
    world: 'world' #The world that the entity count is gathered from

    extraMessage: 'If the memory percentage is > 90% it is strongly recommended to restart.' #The message displayed at the bottom of the report


Recent Reviews

  1. MichaelSteffan
    Version: 1.0
    The plugin is alright, however I would add a option to stop the report and I can't run the report several times.

    Next time, don't name your class "Main". More for like.. new coders.
    1. DeadEnd78
      Author's Response
      Why would you need to run the report several times? It's on a timer.

      I will add the ability to cancel the report soon!