[Server Ready] Private Fallen KingDom 1.0

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  1. minouis55
    Fallen KingDom (en Privée)

    With this server, you can organize Fallen KingDom with your friends! :)
    You juste have to open the run.bat!


    • /fk team < red | blue | quit > For Join a team
    • /fk start For Start The game
    • /fk pause For activate the pause mode
    • /fk For see help


    • When the pause mode is actived, all thinks stop. PLyers can't move, can't open chest, furnace... and monsters killed.
    • The Party must start when all players are online
    • on join server, the player was register in the list of players (who must play)
    • The Fallen KingDom never finish, the game was finish when the server was stoped!
    • The PvP was auto actived
    • For the two team, you must create 2 regions: "blue" and "red", WorldGuard is in the plugin folder
    • A scoreboard resume the party
    • Start the server with run.bat (for Windows), if the server isn't on your computer, delete the run.bat

    Coding (in french):

    I'm very sorry for my bad english but I very want to present my project!
    Twitter: @louisgllt
    Skype: louid25gh


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