Server Sign crash quick fix Version 3

There is apparently a mod that allows you to crash a server with a sign

  1. Stefan15ist
    This plugin was quickly made to prevent people from crashing other players, it stops people from placing signs that have more than ~16 - 50 characters on each line

    You can use it too.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SebyHas
    Version: Version 3
    Is good, you make a config file with: run command: "kick/ban/banip/crash %player% Reason"
    Please make this,
  2. itismejoey
    Version: Version 3
    Love this plugin, thank you for making it! This stupid hack has been driving me nuts on my server!

    I do like the idea of the player being kicked with a message (maybe a custom one?). I would also like it if we could specify a custom command, such as "ban %player% using hacked client"

    If you could make that happen, it would be great!!
  3. Arc
    Version: Version 3
    Inamine: If people are making exploit signs on your server, they should be kicked for f**k off, no one else is going to see it. and if you allow people to see your kicks, that's wrong. :^)
  4. Daetor
    Version: Version 3
    I don't like how you made the kick message, "F**K off K?" really unprofessional and disrespectful and will drive the player's motive to become more destructive to your server. Horrible.
  5. Inamine
    Version: version 2
    This kicks my players the the message "F**K off K?" without any censoring. I run a family friendly server. Also, it kicks players for just typing as the normally would on a sign.
    1. Stefan15ist
      Author's Response
      update your plugin