Server Status Info v2.6

Shows basic server info, CPU usage, RAM allocated & more.

  1. Alry_FireBlade
    Version: v2.4
    It shows what it is supose to.
    Just 2 little things.

    1st: It don't show my Server name. Yes the Name is given in the server probetheritys.
    2nd: Would be nice if it would be possible to toggle Infos like RAM, CPU etc as scoreboard. That it could be used as a Ressource monitor. Even if it just update all 3-5 seconds or so.
    1. zachrocks22
      Author's Response
      MIght consider making the resource monitor over the Actionbar. I'll PM you to follow up about this :)
  2. KrakenArtz
    Version: v2.3
    Really good plugins maybe if you add uptime and free memory can be really great.
    1. zachrocks22
      Author's Response
      In the future, I might add TPS, Free Mem, & as you suggested, Uptime. :)