Server Status Info v2.8

Shows basic server info, CPU usage, RAM allocated & more.

  1. ServerInfo v2.8 - Minor Fixes

    What's New?
    • Removed the Update Checker & Metrics.
    • Fixed non-ops possibly being able to access /sinfo w/o the permission when not using a permission system.
    • Built against the latest 1.14.4 Spigot.
  2. ServerInfo v2.7 - Bug Fixes

    What's New?
    + Fixed a few bugs and did some cleaning up.
    + Added 1.14 support.
    + Added an extremely lightweight update checker.
  3. ServerInfo v2.6 - Fixed permission issues.

    What's New?
    + Fixed default permissions not working.
    + Fixed anyone being able to reload the config.

    + Added serverinfo.admin permission for reloading.

    Sorry for the multiple updates in a single day, just had to get this issue resolved. :)
  4. ServerInfo v2.5 - More Config Options & Features

    What's New?
    + Added toggle abilities to turn on/off certain messages.
    + Rewrote the entire config. (Requires config reset)
    + Added color warnings for CPU usage. (If over 90% it'll turn red)
    + Added CPU & RAM offset meters in the config.
    + You can now customize the no permission msg in the config.
    + Added /sinfo reload, /sinfo help, & /sinfo version

    + Added /serverinfo in conjunction with...
  5. ServerInfo v2.4 - Fixed Updater (again)

    (FIXED) Resolved updater showing the plugin as out of date even if it was the latest.
  6. ServerInfo v2.3 - Fixed Internal Things

    (FIXED) Custom metrics were not sending.
    (FIXED) Some plugin name issues if used incorrectly.
  7. ServerInfo v2.2 - Fixed Updater

    (FIXED) Updater saying there was a new version available.
  8. ServerInfo v2.1

    (ADDED) "mb" unit to RAM count.
  9. ServerInfo v2.0

    (ADDED) CPU usage
    (ADDED) RAM usage
    (ADDED) More stats and info (Entity Distance & Worlds)
    (ADDED) Metrics & Update checking
    (FIXED) Color scheme changed.
    (ADDED) Config.yml for disabling features.
    (ADDED) Option to disable permissions.
    (FIXED) No...