Server Tutorial Plus 1.16.2

Introduce players to your server with unlimited tutorials! Many customisations! Free!

  1. MartenM
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    The plugin to introduce new players to your server with unlimited tutorials!

    • Create unlimited custom server tutorials.
    • Unlimited points per tutorial.
    • Unique settings for every tutorial point.
    • Give players a reward for completing the tutorial first time. (MySql supported)
    • Start a tutorial when a player joins for the first time.
    • Start a tutorial when right clicking a block.
    • Start a tutorial when right clicking an NPC.
    • In game editor (commands)
    • Stats for every tutorial.
    • Permissions per tutorial possible.
    • Easy to use.
    • Lightweight. No tasks running on the background.
    • Supports the PlaceholderAPI
    Options per point
    • Send a title
    • Send a chat message
    • Send an action bar message
    • Play a sound
    • Set a players fly mode
    • Lock a player
    • Execute a command
    • Spawn fireworks
    • Add potioneffects
    • And more!
    Supported placeholders without the PlaceholderAPI: {player_name}

    Point types:
    • Timed - Proceed after a set time interval.
    • Check point - Proceed after walking into the checkpoint.
    • Click block - Proceed after clicking a block (can be a sign).
    All these points offer custom settings as well to make them more unique.

    Tutorial / showcase video


    This showcase lacks new features that have been added!

    //Command permissions

    //Action permissions

    //Permissions for tutorials
    servertutorialplus.tutorials.<Server tutorial id here>

    /st help - Shows a help with all the commands (that you have permission for).
    /st create <id> - Create a new server tutorial.
    /st remove <id> - Remove a server tutorial.
    /st addpoint <id> - Add a point to a tutorial.
    /st removepoint <id> <point index> - Remove a point from a tutorial.
    /st info <optional: id> - Show a list of all the server tutorials or info about a specific one.
    /st gui - Show GUI to see all the servertutorials and points.
    /st player <username> - Shows stats of a player in chat.
    /st play <id> (playername) - Play a server tutorial. (Playername is optional)
    /st quit - Quit your current tutorial
    /st play <id> <point> - Play only 1 point of a server tutorial.
    /st setblock <id> - Set a interactive block that starts a tutorial when clicked.
    /st reload - Reload the plugin from the configs. (without saving first!)
    /st save - Save the current data to the configs. (without loading first!)
    /st npc <add/remove/bind/text/height> <value>
    /st edit <id> <invisible/rewards/permission> - Set settings for a tutorial as whole.
    /st editpoint <id> <point> <args> - Edit all the points at once.
    /st editpoint <id> <point> <args>

    Default args: (Applied to every point)
    time <seconds>
    Sets for how long it takes untill the next point.

    fly <true / false>
    Set fly mode to true or false.

    lockplayer <true / false>
    Prevent the player from moving.

    lockview <true / false>
    Lock the players view.

    messages <add / remove / list / clear>
    Add and remove chat messages for a point.

    commands <add / remove / list / clear>
    Add and remove commands that get executed as soon as the point is played.
    [!] NOTE: Commands should be entered without the / !

    actionbar <set / clear>
    Set a new action bar that gets played at the point or reset the current one.

    firework (Hold a firework in your hand)
    Spawns a firework at the location you stood when adding it when the point is played.

    Sets your current location as the new location for the point.

    title <title / subtitle / fadein / fadeout / stay / reset>
    Set a title or subtitle to play on a point.

    sound <set / clear> (set args: <sound> <volume> <pitch>)
    Set a sound that is played on the point.
    You can find a list of all sounds here.

    potion <add / remove / list / clear>

    Adds a potion effect to the player.
    If the user holds a potion that potion effect will be added.
    Otherwise the args are like this: <potioneffect> <time (in S)> <level>

    switch <point index>
    Switch the point with the point given.

    infront <point index>
    Move a point infront of an other one.

    Optional args: (only applied to specific points)
    distance <value (blocks)>
    The minimal amount of distance between the checkpoint and the player before completing it.

    repeatActionbar <true/false>
    If enabled, the actionbar will stay. Usefull for keeping the hint to move to the checkpoint.

    colour <red> <green> <blue>
    The colour for the checkpoint.
    [TIP]: When using values higher then 255 it will start randomizing!

    ClickBlock point:

    colour <red> <green> <blue>
    The colour for the checkpoint.
    [TIP]: When using values higher then 255 it will start randomizing!

    Allows you to set the block.

    repeatActionbar <true/false>
    If particles should be displayed.

    teleport <true/false>
    If the player should be teleported to the point.

    Server Tutorial Plus offers a small but useful API for developers.
    For more info about the API, expand this spoiler:

    Code (Text):

    public class ServerTutorialApi {
        * Starts a server tutorial for the defined player.
        * Returns true if the tutorial has been started. False in all other cases
        * @param id     Id of the server tutorial.
        * @param player The player.
        * @return       A boolean that represents if the tutorial has been started.
        public boolean startTutorial(String id, Player player){


        * Returns if the player is currently in a server tutorial.
        * @param uuid  The players UUID
        * @return      A boolean
        public boolean isInTutorial(UUID uuid){


        * Get the current servertutorial of a player.
        * @param uuid  The UUID of the player
        * @return      The servertutorial or null if not in one.
        public ServerTutorial getCurrentTutorial(UUID uuid){


         * Gets the controller object that manges the players tutorial.
         * @param uuid
         * @return The controller object. Null if not in a tutorial.
        public TutorialController getController(UUID uuid){


         * This method is used to fetch the API with ease.
         * @return An Api Object
        public static ServerTutorialApi getApi(){

    To get this class simple use this piece of code:
    Code (Text):
    ServerTutorialApi stApi = ServerTutorialApi.getApi();
    //TODO: Store this somewhere for easy acces.
    The API also provides some events you can listen for.
    Code (Text):

    public void handlestart(TutorialStartEvent event){


    public void handlestop(TutorialEndEvent event){


    void handlePlayPoint(TutorialPlayPointEvent event){

    (Note: Only contains objects you should be using when using the API)

    ☐ 1.8 support
    ☐ New point types
    Language files
    Support for more custom points. (Priority)
    Rework the edit commands.
    Bind any mob to play a tutorial (good for citizens etc)
    Add placeholder API
    NPC's that can be right clicked to play a tutorial

    Server tutorial uses for plugin metrics. bStats
    collects some data for plugin authors like how many servers are using their plugins.To honor their work, you should not disable it. This has nearly no effect on the server performance!
    However, if you do not like all of this you are free to disable this function in the bStats config.

    If you enjoy the plugin: Please leave a review. It really helps my motivation :D

    I work on this plugin in my free time. I do not get paid for it any way, just so everybody can use it, but if you want to support me, and already left a review, than you can donate here:

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Recent Reviews

  1. jolahh
    Version: 1.16.2
    Hi , This plugin si perfect :) But how can i change seconds (time) in each timed point?
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      Checkout the video for a full tutorial on how to configure the tutorials.
      I believe it's something like: /st editpoint <id> <point> time <seconds>
  2. Modx
    Version: 1.16.2
    Great plugin, and great tutorial video! I can't live without this plugin now ;) I do wonder what shaders you use though! :P
  3. MrDestruktiv
    Version: 1.16.2
    Nice, but the Soundarg didn't work for me :(
    (/st editpoint servertut 1 sound ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP 1 1
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!
      Please use discussion page for support with your problem.
  4. dmsdon
    Version: 1.16.2
    Amazing plugin. It works great! The author is very helpful. Whenever I needed help, he responded right away. Thank you!
    1. MartenM
  5. _Complexity_
    Version: 1.16.1
    This plugin deserves 5 stars, truly an amazing plugin. Great for any server! I'll be using this on every server I ever own.
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      Thnanks :D
  6. Kastanjeboom
    Version: 1.15.3
    This plugin is a absolutely a must-have for server owners. Thanks bro and keep updating!
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      I will find some motivation to make plugins again soonish :)
  7. jerskisnow
    Version: 1.15.3
    Nice plugin, works perfect! But is there an option that players can only do the tutorial once?
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      Not yet but of you leave this suggestion on the discussion page on why this would be usefull I am sure I could make it work :)
    Version: 1.15.0
    Please add an option to click to move to the next checkpoint

    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      It's on my roadmap!
  9. miguelrebolo
    Version: 1.14.0
    I know this does not deserve four stars, I just put it to ask you something configurator. Can you edit the messages of Tutorial / Right click? You need to be a villager or a guy type {player}
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      If you have questions please go to the discussion page instead :(
      You can edit the text of the NPC using this command: /st npc text <NPC id> <top/bot> <text>

      To create human like players you will have to use an other plugin (citizens) to spawn them. After that you can bind them using /st npc bind <id>
  10. LuciferM69
    Version: 1.13.0
    Great, it's a good system, but how can send a command like eco give %player% money?
    1. MartenM
      Author's Response
      If this would be a 1 time reward, that players can only get once I would go for this command:
      /st edit <id> rewards add eco give {player_name} <money>